Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry merry Christmas Hooray!

Finally we got to opening our presents, and it was so, wait for it..... FUN! The kids would jump and scream after they opened a gift especially Chloee! Then they would say how long they had been wanting it, there was also a "holy Toledo" and a "holy crap" after a couple gifts! I know I totally over did it with Christmas gifts as usual but watching others open their gifts makes me so happy! I love it! The kids were just so excited and it was so fun with them being a little older this year! Wade and I got pretty good gifts too! My blanket is amazing! The kids have been playing on their explorers, leap pad (thanks to my awesome Aunt) and all the other fun gifts, theres no fighting and everyone is happy! We are so blessed in so many ways!! Now to cook a small Christmas Dinner and enjoy the rest of our Fantastic Christmas Day! On a side note, now that the gifts are done, this baby can come out anytime ;). Merry Christmas and we do miss all our family but grateful for our little family we have so much!


Linsey said...

Looks like Santa came, we looked for you at church...and then we hurried home to change back into our pj's! Merry Christmas!