Monday, May 17, 2010

From Baby to Brother to Batman/Black Spidey to Big Boy

My dear Sweet Jackson I cannot believe you are already Four!  We just celebrated his birthday and I am pretty sure he thought it was the best day ever.  We had so much fun playing enjoying friends and well Jack just being Jack.  It seems like yesterday that i was complaining that He would never sleep through the night and now here we are four years later and it goes so so fast.   I wish i could slow down the clock, but nevertheless I can't so on that note if you have to get older we have to CELEBRATE because we love you Jack.."What can i say about my little man, He is the sweetest boy but when he is mad clear a path.   He is super silly and loves to make people laugh and that he does.  He is a homebody and loves his keke (blanket).  He loves to have friends over and play play play, He is very smart and sometimes a little to smarty pants for his size, but I wouldn't change one thing about him.  YOu are great Jack we love you no matter the day, sweet or sour, attitude or gratitude.  Happy Birthday Super hero (or so his card said lol) Love ya Buddy.