Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Private!

Hey Friends! I am setting my blog to private, so that wierd random people can not view me, pleae send me your email addresses and i will be happy to invite you and add you to my blog. thanks.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Shortly after i posted the blog below about Jack being sick we took him to the ER. He was just having trouble breathing, wheezing laying around and not eating or drinking, so we waited as long as we could, then we decided that we better take him in, so from 11pm to 2am we were in the ER. We were so waiting for them to tell us just use a humidifier and he will be fine, luckily the visit turned out to be well worth it. Too make a long story short Jack had bronchitis and they think he is getting asthma. Great :( When we first go there he was upset and mean to the nurses, they did a breathing treatment on him and he was a totally different kid. He was playing with the nurses when they did the xray he had a big grin and said cheese and he got toy!!! So poor jack now has a breathing machine and some medicine that starts with a P that he has to take for 4 days. He is doing much better now, but we have to go in to his doctor and have them do the work up for asthma on him.. I gotta say though the docs and nurses in the ER at Del Webb were awesome they were nice and very helpful, you don't find that that often especially in the middle of the night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My little Man

To my little Jackson! So Jack has been sick the past couple days and today all he did was lay around and was wheezing and having trouble breathing, I felt horrible I hate to see my little guy sick! So i thought i would share some of his silly moments from the last couple weeks captured by my camera phone.
This picture is Little Jack taking my throw for the couch and covering his head and in his loudest voice yelling CHeeeesssee mommy!
Here Jack has taken the laundry basket from the laundry room and made himself a bed, at one point he even had a pillow in there and said nite nite mommy, if only it was that easy :)

Here I am trying to get Jack to take a nap, which is usually a battle nowadays, as you can see he is having fun laughing instead of sleeping, definitely made for a cute moment though.

This picture is from today, He was not feeling good all he did was lay around and my poor kiddo doesn't lay around for anything. I had to do some work today i work part time for wade's work doing internet stuff so we made a little make shift bed so he could be in the room with me, he thought he was pretty cool.

These next two pictures are from our trip to home depot a couple nights ago to finish buying paint for our house. Jack wanted to wear daddy's hat, so he wore from the house right into home depot. It was hiliarious he had it on the whole time, he could hardly see, that's our silly little man.

Here I was emptying clothes from the dryer and Jack decided he wanted to see what it was like to sit in it. :) I guess he wanted to see what the big deal was.
And last but not least the mop bucket. He went into the cleaning closet pulled it out went in the office and grabbed his blanket and climbed in, It makes me wonder why we buy him any toys at all, he enjoys the around the house stuff so much more!!! Anyways heres to my Jack Jack, I hope you feel better so that you are back to you restless silly hyper fun self. You definitely bring Joy to both Mine and your daddy's life.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Wade!

HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY WADE!!! So yesterday was Wade's birthday, so i thought i would do a little posting for him. I just wanted to share a few reasons why i love him so much, there are so many reasons but here are just a few!!!!

- He always makes me laugh, it doesn't matter where, when, or what he can always crack a good joke.

- He is not a mushy person and neither am i so when he does something super sweet it is just that much better.

- I have never heard him yell in the 6 six years i have known him. He is so calm.

- He is a wonderful Dad, the best! The bond between him and Jack is so strong and I can't think of anyone better for my son to look up too!

- He is one of the hardest workest i know, well him and my dad! He will work his fingers to the bone and it is a quality i admire sooooo very much.

- He is so dedicated to our family, I never have to worry because i know he is always there for us.

- He is super smart and a very good talker...even when he is making stuff up, you would believe it! haha

- He is a cutie, i love his smile and his laugh.

- He is honest, he tells it how it is even if you don't like it. for instance when i say my belly is big from being pregnant he says ya but it has a nice shape...haha i love that one.

- He can keep a secret like no one ive ever met even from me, i know that he would take most things to the grave.

- We never fight, we get irritated sometimes but he doesnt ever hold a grudge i don't think we have ever been upset for more than five mins usually cause he says something sarcastic and we both laugh water under the bridge.

- And last but definitely not least...He holds the priesthood and im so greatful to have that in my home. I know especially since im pregnant im super paranoid and i ask for a blessing like every other week and he will give it to me whole heartly no questions ask.

I am so greatful for such a dedicated husband who loves our family unconditionally. Happy Birthday Wade, I hope Jack and I showed you a good day yesterday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chocolate ice cream and the miracle of Cheerios!!

This picture is so cute, Jack wanted to play outside so Wade got his scriptures and was reading. Jack went inside got his little chair and the mini songbook and pretended like he was reading too. LIke father like son, Two of the cutest guys in the whole world. I love you two.

So a little update, Jack started not wanting to the go potty on the toilet and was peeing in his underwear. So when he goes in the potty he gets chocolate when he doesn't, he doesn't get it. So about a week ago he had two accidents and was crying for chocolate i said no because you didn't go in the potty. Well enter Wade...Wade gets home from work and i tell him Jack cannot have any chocolate. Okay do either one of them listen to me...of course not, Check out the pictures below. However it was totally funny and i couldn't help but laugh, i guess sometimes you just gotta let go and not be so uptight. The good thing about Jack is he always rats Wade out. Wade will sneak him candy or as Jack calls chocolate (koky) or soda (daddys coke) and Jack will always run up to me and say daddy koky or daddy coke mmmm.. Wade is always like why do you rat me out, i say because he knows he is not suppose to have so he wants to show mommy see i got it anyway. Anyways the pictures are totally priceless.

Now the miracle of Cheerios!!!!!! So for about the last week since the accidents i have been trying to be really strick on his potty training being that i only have 8 weeks left hopefully till our little girly is here. So i remembered my sister Jeanie had used fruit loops in the toilet for her boys, so i thought i got cheerios. I threw a handful of them in the toilet and said Jack pee and low and behold he peed on them and laughed hysterically the entire time, so we put his underwear on. (i always keep a baggy of cheerios in my purse for jacks snack)....So about an hour later i was doing some work on the internet and i hear Jack peeing in the toilet i was amazed and ran in to see. He was peeing all by himself, however he had taken his snack baggy of cheerios and dumped them, i didnt care that there was an inch of cheerios in my toilet he had gone and by himself. Ever since then after his naps or when we are home he chooses himself to wear underwear and take off his diaper and he tells me when he has to go as long as we have cheerios. They are a miracle worker and today he went number two...Hooray there is hope insight!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July!

We had a pretty good 4th of July Weekend. The only bad thing was Jack had a cough and fever ugh. Wade actually took the 4th off the whole day..whoohoo. it was so nice. We went to the grocery store where Jack puked all over Wade and himself in the middle of the store, that was awesome and while i was paying Wade took Jack out the car and wade backed out and hit a van. Luckily it was a work car and not ours. So the day started off rough but finished awesome. We went home and had a bbq and of course ice cream it was so good. Then we bought a bag of poppers and went in the back yard and let them go, we had confetti string all over our yard. Jack thought it was the greatest thing ever, it was so fun this was Jacks first year to really be able to do anything. And it was windy and actually cool out, surprisingly. Then we watched fireworks from our house and on tv. We had a very eventful but good family day. The weekend turned out pretty good too. However we painted our bathroom and had a couple issues with tthat but i think by last night i got it all fixed up. Ill have to post those pictures another time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We are officially repainting our entire house, and I am hoping to have it done before the baby is born. So we went and bought a bunch of paint, Thanks to the help of my good friend Ashley to pick out the colors, because im not good at decorating. Wade wanted to go ahead and paint the one wall the dark color. So of course Mr. Jack wanted to help him. As soon as we mentioned moving the couches, he grabbed the cushins that are too big for him and started moving them, it was so funny. Then he tried to help Wade move the couch, climb the latter, tape the couches off, touch the paint. All the fun stuff. It was so cute though because he thought he was just as big as his daddy, hence the good pictures. It was so funny to watch both of them. Now we got one wall down and a whole house to go :) Hopefully Ashley is still going to help me..!! Of course Jack will be someone else then! Anyway just some good times in the Matheson household.