Friday, December 30, 2011

The park is our friend!

We are trying to do as much as we can before Jack goes back to school next week! So every afternoon we walk the neighborhood, ( that's more for me to get this baby thing going ;) then we end up at the park to play! I really enjoy walking and talking and playing with the kids without any distractions of Tv or whatever else! Chloee loves to swing so she has been in Heaven that I've been pushing her on the swing! It's so cute to watch them laugh and play and have such a great time! I love these times with my babies! Also the Wii fit Nickelodeon has turned out to be a huge hit with both kids so fun to watch how animated they get when they are playing!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Loving the Christmas Break!

We are all enjoying this break so much! I built one of Jacks Christmas present, his space shuttle launch pad! Took a little over an hour but was totally worth it to see him so happy! Kids are enjoying movies together and playing their new Wii games! Chloee was using my legs as a slide, which she thought was a blast!! Who needs a playground when Mommy is jungle Jim! She was so funny! Later that night Wade and Jack built the Space Shuttle to his Lego city! I love having my kids home!

The Day after Christmas

The day after Christmas was a lot of fun! Wade got off early and took Jack golfing! Jack was in Heaven he loves to golf especially with his Wonderful Daddy! Chloee and I went Shopping ;)! Old Navy and Target had great deals and it was a super nice girls time! We even got a few outfits for the new little man! Then we all met up and had dinner at Jacks favorite place, Red Robin...yum! It was a great night and a great day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

35 weeks yay!

35 weeks today and Hooray! Hopefully this little guy will come a little early like the other 2! His name will be Dash, love it or hate it, that's it! Just need a middle name and getting his room ready! I am so excited to meet him and be able to feel my ribs again :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Years and Resolutions!

Please do not ask me what my New Years Resolutions are?? I don't believe in them so I don't set them, I have goals I set on my own not just because it is a New Year! Plus no one ever keeps them, they are pointless! The only resolution I have is to have this baby and that is inevitable! But good luck to those of you who give resolutions a try!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry merry Christmas Hooray!

Finally we got to opening our presents, and it was so, wait for it..... FUN! The kids would jump and scream after they opened a gift especially Chloee! Then they would say how long they had been wanting it, there was also a "holy Toledo" and a "holy crap" after a couple gifts! I know I totally over did it with Christmas gifts as usual but watching others open their gifts makes me so happy! I love it! The kids were just so excited and it was so fun with them being a little older this year! Wade and I got pretty good gifts too! My blanket is amazing! The kids have been playing on their explorers, leap pad (thanks to my awesome Aunt) and all the other fun gifts, theres no fighting and everyone is happy! We are so blessed in so many ways!! Now to cook a small Christmas Dinner and enjoy the rest of our Fantastic Christmas Day! On a side note, now that the gifts are done, this baby can come out anytime ;). Merry Christmas and we do miss all our family but grateful for our little family we have so much!

Christmas morning!

We woke up and the kids spazed out that Santa had really come!! But first we went to sacrament! The kids were so good about not being upset to have to wait to open gifts, but by the time we got home they were sure ready! We enjoyed being able to have the kids focus on Christ before we got into the fun stuff!

Yay for Christmas Eve!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve! We baked all day and Wade finally got to go golf! We then had friends and family over for dinner, white elephant gifts, decorating cookies and laying out reindeer food! I have to say my book I got for "Poor People Crafts", still has me laughing, seriously so so so Funny! Thanks Linsey and Dan! We love having company and we were had awesome company last night! The kids all had a blast well at least I know mine did!! After everyone left we did our one Christmas eve gift for the kids. Usually we do PJ's but this year it was Pillow Pets! I told them to go make sure their beds were made and their they found their gift! The were super happy!! I believe the song that went around the house that night was, "it's a pillow it's a pet, it's a Pillow Pet!" Then we read the Little Critter Night Before Christmas, love seeing my kids smile and I was even more excited after they went to sleep and got to put their presents under the tree! Tis the season to be merry! And we are!

The Forgotten Carols

Wade and I went on a date to the Forgotten Carols as part of his Christmas present! We went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, when we came out someone had parked extremely close to the driver side! So close Wade had to climb through my door it was quit entertaining! We got to Gammage and while we were walking up the stairs he tripped! I couldn't help but laugh, mainly because I am usually the one that trips or falls! The play however was wonderful, it was funn an full of Christmas spirit! Truly we had a great time!

Christmas eve morning

We made our pictures for our wall! I modge podged the kids pics on canvas! The kids did their own Christmas canvas, and thought they were pretty cool!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Homemade makes me Happy

I absolutely love that my kids are at the age where they bring home homemade ornaments from school!! Call me a nerd, I don't mind! I have Jacks from preschool and kindergarten; Chloees from preschool this year! Maybe I get it from my wonderful mother, who still has ornaments on her tree we made when we were younger! It totally makes me smile and makes Christmas even happier!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So for me the Christmas excitement never goes away!! Even though I know what I am getting for Christmas I still can't wait till Christmas day! I love Watching my kids open their gifts and the excitment in their faces! I broke the news to them yesterday that we have to go to sacrament before we open the gifts an surprisingly they were ok with it! Hooray hurry up Santa!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tee Ball

Jack had his final class of tee ball on Saturday! And he was awesome! He definitely can hit the ball, did a great job going after it as well! Ready for the next season and he also wants to do flag football! I think he really like having his friends playing too (Grace, Rayce, and Braden)! They all did fantastic!

Yay for Saturdays!

Saturday was so fun! Wade had the day off, love those days! We went to Jacks tee ball game, pics to come later! Afterwards we headed out to Mesa to meet my parents and Lissa! We went to the Chandler mall, love it! The kids got a little restless on the way out so Wade took them to ride the escalators a few times! They thought that was pretty awesome, like being at a theme park ;)! Then we all went to the temple lights, which were beautiful as always! And to top off at wonderful night we stopped at QT for hot chocolate Yum! Jack was so sad to have to say goodbye to Grandma and Papa! Both kids crashed on the way home. I have to give them props because they were so so good the whole day, if there was a down to any of it, it was only that I had to pee every 5 mins literally lol! I love family days!