Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sour Patch Kid!

I love my kids they are so opposite, Jack is hyper and doesnt sleep and chloee is independent calm and a wonderful sleeper. As sweet and cute as they are sometimes a child does something naughty that is partly funny. So my little brother Timmy comes over and hangs out with us sometimes and he has nicknamed Jack a sourpatch kid, because first he's sweet then he is sour. He can be totally sweet and loving and the next minute he slaps ya in the However Yesturday Chloee was laying on my bed while i put on my makeup. Jack started jumping on the bed by her and I told him not to jump by Chloee because if he landed on her she would have to go to the hospital and it would hurt her (he knows what the ER is because he went there a couple months ago) Anyway so he sits down on the bed and the next thing i know he throws the remote at her head, Chloee of course screams poor thing and Jack turns to me and says "oh mom now we have to go to the hospital" She was okay of course, but in the midst of me being mad i couldn't help but laugh at his comment. I have no idea where he gets his sarcasm from haha wink wink...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser and the Evil One.

So I finally started back to the gym last night...i did alot better than i thought i would and it felt great, however Wade was watching the biggest loser when i got home and it was almost to the end. He said to me that i would have to watch it all tomorrow because i would hate Vicky even more, i was intrigued and thankgoodness for DVR. So this morning after Scooby Doo of course, I turned on the beginning half of the show and all i can say is that Woman (Vicky) is evil and has horns and i dont care for bRady or Hefer Heba either.....they are mean mean mean. Although i did feel bad for ED because it looked like he about died. anyway thats all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chloee's Blessing

We blessed Chloee on Sunday the 9th. It was so nice to have so many Family and Friends here. I think there was like 35 of us. The blessing was great it talked about her being able to turn to the savior whenever she had challenges, to develop properly and to be a strength to her family. It was so sweet and she was dressed so cute. Jack had a blast with everyone to especially his cousins Mckinley, Brinkley and Ally, i bet all four of them jumped on the trampoline Friday and Saturday till they couldnt anymore. It was so fun to be around everyone and eat and i got the cake for free because safeway didnt have it ready... Bonus! I love that we have a picture with all the Grandmas in it, Wade's mom, My Mommy and Granny! I guess sometimes I just can't believe I married and have two kids, i feel like a kid myself sometimes. I wouldn't not change this for the world though...I love my little family. I love my big family too!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and my little monsters.

Halloween was so much fun this year. This was Jack's first year where he really understood it and was super interested in everything Halloween. Wednesday night we went to the trunk or treat and Jack thought that was fun, however some of the costumes freaked him out quit a bit. Then friday night we passed out candy at our house while we waited for wade to get home so we could walk around the neighborhood. We hardly had any trick or treaters. However while we were outside waiting on Wade, Jack was playing by the fire hydrant, ill have to upload that picture but it was hiliarious, a little red dog he was playing by the fire hydrant. It was cute. Then when wade got home, we took the family around the neighborhood, Jack was so cute and everyone was trying to give Jack about 50 pieces of candy because they had no trick ortreaters. Jack would walk up to everyhouse and say its scary because of their decorations. At one house he got four glowsticks and it was pretty much over after that. He thought glow sticks were the best invention ever, he had a death grip on them and made us carry his basket home. AFter we were home he did break one open and my floor glowed bright blue for a while. Good thing that stuff comes right up. O ya i forgot too add we made cookies that day. That was so fun, Jack had to make three different color frostings, in which he had to of course taste them all repeately. O yum and sugar rush. Hooray for Halloween.