Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 here we come.

Well I don't have enough time in the world to update everyone on the last 8 months or however long it is since i have been on here, so here is a quick update and hopefully it wont be so long in between them. Wade and I celebrated four years but in two months itll be five seems like forever. Jack is 3 and a half and it makes me sad, because he is my baby. He is Mr. Attitude with a capital A and thinks he is the boss around this place. He can be pretty grumpy but he is also super sweet and smart and of course just about the funniest kid i know, he is in to batman movies, not cartoons, the actual batman movies with michael keaton, george clooney etc, he watch es them over and over its hiliarious he enjoys dressing up like batman, spider man , buzz, pirates anything. he even tries to dress up chloee, He is all boy and i mean all boy, he loves his daddy.. He is always good for a laugh. He loves preschool and i love that he goes to preschool...:) Chloee is our little fire redhead she is happy and pretty easy going most of the time, but oh my oh my when the tempers flare its the scream of death and shes out for blood. She is full of energy and at 15 months is a talker talker talker, go figure it most come from wade right...wink wink...She loves shoes, jewelry, pretty clothes, she even says yes or no to what pajamas she will wear to bed, She likes her toes painted, lip gloss and dancing to music. But don't let her princess exterior fool you, she is a tomboy at heart. She could care less about the baby dolls, kitchen, etc. she got for christmas, she would rather have jacks tool shop and batman toys or buzz light year back pack. The babies just get in her way and she chucks them out of her little is funny too its like having little clowns around here, always a good time never a dull moment. Wade and I both love our church callings he is 11 year old scout leader and im the primary secretary i told them if they release me im going in active haha jk..however 2 oclock church is no bueno. but it could be worse right lol 'so as im sure this year was a crazy one for everyone it was for us too, worrying about jobs, moving, batteling poor jack having pneumonia 7 times, chloee hitting here head more times than i can count and blah blha blah , we are happy to put 2009 behind us in hopes that 2010 will bring something better! Im not making any new years resolutions this year because lets face people we know were going to break them, haha so whats the point..i have goals thats good enough for me, i dont need to renew them each ya we moved..the house is coming together i wasnt a fan at first but im slowly getting there not all the way yet but hey i gotta say its nice having all the space! That is us that is where we are, we are pushing along, happy as can be and loving our little family.