Friday, December 19, 2008

One of those Days

Oh my Goodness today has been one of those days!!!! My little nugget children have cried and thrown fits and nothing has made them happy. I finally took chloee to her bed and let her duke out in there till she fell asleep, i made jack sit on the couch turned on the backyardagains and told him not to move, i think he finally fell asleep. I think the earth is not lined up then i went to the store to get stamps and guess what i came home with out stamps, what was i thinking i have no idea! i can't seem to get it together today! But i have just openend up a redbull so i think its going to be okay...:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And it is December!!!!

Ah December, Christmas time with all the lights, gifts, family, food its great, however its also very stressful. So here are some pictures of fun things we have done to make it all worth it. A couple weekends ago we went out to the Christmas lights. And then we put up our tree, bulbs candy canes the whole Jack likes Candy Canes. And last but not least the Gingerbread house, which we all enjoyed making soo soo much. my pics are a little out of order so bare with me.Here Jack is finally enjoying his reward for a job well done....MMMMMMM

The finished product. Who knew this could be so entertaining. We love Christmas its fanatastic. Better ya its awesome to build an edible house for Family Home Evening. Hooray.

Need i Say MOre.

Yummy frosting its amamzing we actually finished the house before he ate it all.

This is daddys little helper. They are so cute together. Jack is always trying to copy everything Wade does, especially if it has tto do with building, tools, etc.

Poor Chloee just had to watch.......

The opening of the gingerbread house. So before we did the Gingerbread house we told Jack the story of Jesus's birth. Our props were the little statues from our nativity. He somewhat listened as one of the Wiseman was thrown across the room at one point, He asked the wiseman "what are you doing?", danced a little bit, claimed that the mary and joseph figurines were actually baby Jesus instead of the statue baby Jesus. It was well entertaining but finally he at least says it jesus's birthday for christmas.. i guess he did learn a little.

Home from Church and all dressed up, he gets to wear his new clothes next week for christmas..

My little girl, so sweet although she looks a little scared of the camera. I have a Christmas dress for her next week too..YAY but i loved this out fit...her tights are my favorite and I got them in the dollar bin at Target.. Go ME...

Here is the tree and the finally Jack touches Candy Canes and all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Some Random Things!!!!

I just thought I would post some recent pictures because we don't really have a lot going on so this is what is happeneing lol!!!!

Wade and Jack... My two favorite guys. Jack is such a daddy's boy he loves to play and help Wade do anything and everything.

Daddy's little girl!!! He just doesn't know how wrapped around his finger she will be yet!!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!

I love that Jack loves push up pops even more so wearing them from head to toe literally.

Bath time is seriously the best time of day, both kids LOVE IT!!!! CHloee thoroughly enjoys the tub she doesnt even freak out when Jack dumps water on her!!!

So JAck is obsessed with Tigger and he thought Chloee needed a friend on the floor this day and I guess she did because she layed there and babble to Tigger for a good 5 mins. Go TIgger!

I took this picture on the 23rd when she was 2months. Look at my little girl go, she is super strong hopefully she isnt an early everything like Jack.

Jacks new table. I finally found a kid table for Jack and I got it for free with a coupon and a gift card i had.. Go ME!!! It is a dry erase table and Jack now has to eat every meal at it!!!

I love this kid. He so sweet and hyper and full of life!!!!

Okay so i love this picture, i know she is screaming her head off, but this hat oh this HAT, it so so so cute and she hates it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was so quick for us this year! We went up to Utah and with Wade's schedule it was our all time shortest longest trip ever :)! First though we had my Mom, Melissa, Granny, Dru and Johnny and Reagan come up Tuesday and then Wednesday we had over Sarah and her family and Ali and kenzie and Skylar. It was so fun to see everyone and Granny and spend time with them, i love the loudness and craziness that is our family it makes me happy. So it was okay we got off to a late start. We were suppose to leave at 12pm on Wednesday, However people decided to buy cars that day thanks Goodness, I was glad to wait, they sold 3 cars, so needless to say we were not on the road until 7:30pm and arrived in Parowan, UT at 243AM. On a wonderful note we have the best traveling kids in the world knock on wood. They both slept the entire way, yup even our 2month old. Hooray! We spent the day there for thanksgiving, had yummy food yummy pie and hung out for a while. It was super fun for Jack because he and his cousins had a blast, and there are a few his age on Wade's side. He especially loves our 3 beautiful nieces Mckinley, Brinkley and almost of all Ally. Anyway we got up friday morning took family pictures and was back on the road at 1pm. We arrived home a few minutes before 10pm. Thank goodness again our kids were great, Jack slept for a Couple hours then enjoyed watching Scooby Doo and Madagascar he was so funny. Chloee slept almost the entire way except to eat. So all and all it was quick but fun!!!! PS i forgot my camera so this is the only TDAY picture i have!!! DARN IT!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sour Patch Kid!

I love my kids they are so opposite, Jack is hyper and doesnt sleep and chloee is independent calm and a wonderful sleeper. As sweet and cute as they are sometimes a child does something naughty that is partly funny. So my little brother Timmy comes over and hangs out with us sometimes and he has nicknamed Jack a sourpatch kid, because first he's sweet then he is sour. He can be totally sweet and loving and the next minute he slaps ya in the However Yesturday Chloee was laying on my bed while i put on my makeup. Jack started jumping on the bed by her and I told him not to jump by Chloee because if he landed on her she would have to go to the hospital and it would hurt her (he knows what the ER is because he went there a couple months ago) Anyway so he sits down on the bed and the next thing i know he throws the remote at her head, Chloee of course screams poor thing and Jack turns to me and says "oh mom now we have to go to the hospital" She was okay of course, but in the midst of me being mad i couldn't help but laugh at his comment. I have no idea where he gets his sarcasm from haha wink wink...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser and the Evil One.

So I finally started back to the gym last night...i did alot better than i thought i would and it felt great, however Wade was watching the biggest loser when i got home and it was almost to the end. He said to me that i would have to watch it all tomorrow because i would hate Vicky even more, i was intrigued and thankgoodness for DVR. So this morning after Scooby Doo of course, I turned on the beginning half of the show and all i can say is that Woman (Vicky) is evil and has horns and i dont care for bRady or Hefer Heba either.....they are mean mean mean. Although i did feel bad for ED because it looked like he about died. anyway thats all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chloee's Blessing

We blessed Chloee on Sunday the 9th. It was so nice to have so many Family and Friends here. I think there was like 35 of us. The blessing was great it talked about her being able to turn to the savior whenever she had challenges, to develop properly and to be a strength to her family. It was so sweet and she was dressed so cute. Jack had a blast with everyone to especially his cousins Mckinley, Brinkley and Ally, i bet all four of them jumped on the trampoline Friday and Saturday till they couldnt anymore. It was so fun to be around everyone and eat and i got the cake for free because safeway didnt have it ready... Bonus! I love that we have a picture with all the Grandmas in it, Wade's mom, My Mommy and Granny! I guess sometimes I just can't believe I married and have two kids, i feel like a kid myself sometimes. I wouldn't not change this for the world though...I love my little family. I love my big family too!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and my little monsters.

Halloween was so much fun this year. This was Jack's first year where he really understood it and was super interested in everything Halloween. Wednesday night we went to the trunk or treat and Jack thought that was fun, however some of the costumes freaked him out quit a bit. Then friday night we passed out candy at our house while we waited for wade to get home so we could walk around the neighborhood. We hardly had any trick or treaters. However while we were outside waiting on Wade, Jack was playing by the fire hydrant, ill have to upload that picture but it was hiliarious, a little red dog he was playing by the fire hydrant. It was cute. Then when wade got home, we took the family around the neighborhood, Jack was so cute and everyone was trying to give Jack about 50 pieces of candy because they had no trick ortreaters. Jack would walk up to everyhouse and say its scary because of their decorations. At one house he got four glowsticks and it was pretty much over after that. He thought glow sticks were the best invention ever, he had a death grip on them and made us carry his basket home. AFter we were home he did break one open and my floor glowed bright blue for a while. Good thing that stuff comes right up. O ya i forgot too add we made cookies that day. That was so fun, Jack had to make three different color frostings, in which he had to of course taste them all repeately. O yum and sugar rush. Hooray for Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Funny Story of the week!!!! So Usually Chloee and Jack are happy and can coexist with out any problems, however at least once a day she usually ends up crying because Jack has felt the need to torture her in some way. The good thing is when he does something he usually says mommy i hit chloee or kicked her or whatever he did, he tells on himself. Well today was actually a really good day, he was sweet and nice and we had a blast. So this evening when daddy got home he started getting a little rowdy and well just being Jack. I had Chloee on the floor next to Wade (who was on the phone) and went to make her a bottle. All the sudden i hear her screaming and Wade saying dang it Jack. I go and get Chloee from Wade and she is like sucking in air, it turns out jack kicked her in the stomach and knocked the air out of her. Poor girl!!! So anyways about an hour passes and everything is back to normal and Jack tells me he wants to watch the scooby doo movie on tv. I said okay, but you have to be nice to sister you knocked the air out of her and she couldn't breathe. Jack proceeds to put his head close to Chloee and blows air at her, then he says "all better her has air". I burst out laughing and told him good job. Gotta love him.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweetness and Butter

Jack is definitely filling the roll as the big brother pretty well! He can be so sweet sometimes, like the about picture where he has crawled under her playmat with her to take a picture. And today i was fixing her bottle and getting jack some juice, and chloee was laying in her bouncer screaming. Jack was eating dinner and he heard me say just a second chloee, he proceeded to get down from his chair and suddenly i didn't hear her crying anymore. There he was being so sweet, Jack had gone over to chloee and put his finger by her mouth so she could suck on it to calm her down. It was so sweet and so funny and boy was he so proud, he kept saying mommy i give chloee my pinger (he cant pronounce f's) and make her happy. I love that kid.

Jack is also trying to master the art of taking a picture on my phone of him and his sister, too bad he didn't realize it was turned around. Im sure he is going to teach her many more things.

And last but not least the BUTTER!!!! I was making pancakes the other morning and Wade had put the butter on the table with him and Jack because jack wanted to put it on his pancakes himself. So after a few minutes WAde has finished his pancakes and got up to go in the other room, i was finishing up cooking the pancake batter and i hear Jack some mmm thats good. I look over at the table and realize he has the butter knife in the butter and is scouping it out and eating plain, just going to town. I burst out laughing and then i thought wow that's gross. WE couldnt pass up that picture moment. Gotta love kids, they keep you on your toes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2 Kids

So having two kids is not as bad as i thought it was going to be. Taking care of them is pretty easy its finding the time to clean the house and do other things that seems to be the problem :). I guess i will figure that out as time goes on. It has been fun though we have had family here and enjoying our new little girl has been fun. Jack is such a sweet big brother most of the time, but he has his moments where he tries to ya know step on her head, scratch her etc. He does really well if it is just me him and chloee, poor guy he is so use to being the only one. Jack and i usually play outside or do something fun when chloees taking her nap and he seems to like that. Both my kiddos are such a blessing, i love them so much. Wade is definitely doing great with both kids, he even stayed home yesturday and jack and him got to have some father son time, it was nice. I think the biggest difference is that i am never not busy now it seems like once i get everything done and us finally dressed its time to go to bed and start the day over again, time goes by superfast with two.. but i wouldnt change it for the world.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Little Girl!!!!

Our little girl has finally arrived! Chloee Eva Matheson was born on September 23rd at 1:04pm. We went in to labor at 8:15am and we barely had enough time to get to the hospital and get the epidural before she was born. It all went very well and she is doing great. Jack came to visit us at the hospital and thought the bed was better than the baby lol. He is doing pretty good with her, he gets a little jealous and tries to lash out and other times he wants to love her. Wade and I are so excited that she is finally here and love our two little kiddos.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

So I have not blogged in a while! Earlier this month we had our yearly family reunion and it was a lot of fun, we had all my brothers and sisters together and it was nice to get family pictures. Timmy got home from his mission and it was great to have all of us together. Friday night we did a pizza and hang out thing at my house and let the kids run free :), I can't believe how big our family is now, its great. Saturday we had a swim party and dinner at Sarah's house and had a great time enjoying everyone's company and of course seeing who could talk the loudest..haha... Sunday was nice we had our own little spiritual meeting and breakfast. I'm so glad I have such a great big family, we are always loads of fun and it is nice when we can all be together. My mom and dad sure did alot for us and i appreciate how wonderful they are to all of us. I have the best parents.