Monday, December 10, 2012

It's stuff!

I know I know! I take a picture and write about every little thing! I can't help it! I love my kids and want to remember every sweet moment!

Keep in mind this is still August, Dash was starting to crawl!6-7 months old!

The kids wanted to make their own sandwiches! So I let them!

Chloee had her preschool meet your teacher! Isn't she cute in her new outfit she picked out?!

Jack played Basketball for the first time on a league and really enjoyed it!

Oh my babies are growing to fast!

Little big sister and big little brother!

Yep they are 4 years apart!

Final days of Summer!

Now don't get me wrong, by final days of Summer I mean before school starts! Because the heat isn't going anywhere, notice the bright red beet faces in the pictures! Sorry my picture are out of order, but that's what happens when you blog from your IPhone! So just go with it!

We kicked off one last fun activity before school started! Jumpstreet with friends! Who doesn't want to jump on giant trampolines!
The kids always have a ton of fun!

Still August on the blog!

My Mr. Dash is growing! He may not be very old but I can't picture life with out him! It's like he has been with us forever!

New School year! New shoes!

Love back to school shopping! Jack got some shoes he loved, an Chloee was beside herself to have her very own twinkle toes!

Do the Dew!

What can I say?? This hunk of a man loves his Mountain Dew!! And taking goody pictures of course!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Well aside from the bridal shower this Summer, we also got to spend some time with the family in Yuma. Well minus Wade, he was doing that thing ya'll call work ;)!
First off My Dad came out in this sweet picture with a Whip it good shirt! And well how on this earth can you not laugh and take a picture of that! I love my Dad!
Have I mentioned I love my Moms food!! Including those yummy hot wings pictured below! Holla!
And of course the best part is hanging out with Grandma and Papa! I love that my kids think my parents hang the moon! Cause well I think they do too!
Now a fun story! Do you see that lizard below on my Momma's curtain?? Do you?? Well I was cleaning up and went to pick up what I thought was a "toy"lizard. And hey guess what?? It was real! Yeah I jumped a little and may have let out a scre ;)
Anyway it was a fun way to end the summer! We always love having out with the fAmily!

Friday, December 7, 2012

She's getting married! (Little late)

My sweet baby sister Melissa, whom I honestly adore, is getting (got) married in August! Sorry yes I am behind! So let us begin in Yuma at her bridal shower!
First off my Mother is the best cook in the whole world! If you have never had her food before, then shame on you! Especially her salsa!
It was a lot of fun! Aunt Beve did a great job on the games! It was so fun I jammed/broke my big toe! But it healed and all is well :)!
My pictures don't do the party justice! My bad!
But it really was fun and exciting to celebrate with my baby sis!

Chocolate chocolate and brownies!

Well don't we all love a family home evening that involves dessert?!! Yes yes we do!!
For this particular one we made Brownies and let the kids help! I am pretty sure more of the batter got eaten then the actual brownies! But come on, it's like cookie dough, way better uncooked!
Anyways it was fun and we all enjoyed it!

This Girl!

Oh my Chloee Bear, how I love her!! ( I am blogging this from my phone so I can't comment under each picture! )
This little girl is my little princess! Although she is a spitfire and a half, and well lets face she is SO much like me it's scary, I love her so very much! And enjoy all the fun girly things we get to do together!
She got he first set of play makeup which she decorated her and I with it! She loves make up, again just like her mother!
She loves heels and to be dressed up pretty, yet part of her is so Tom boyish! ( like her mother). She changes her clothes frequently like her mother!
The last picture is of her pretending to be Shawn from Psych!! And well we all know how much I and my family love Psych!
This little ball of attitude always makes me laugh! Love my Bear and the little girl she is becoming!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dash's Blessing to be continued!

Okay I know I know I am about 8 months late on this post, but hopefully I can get myself caught up! Shame on me for being a slacker. And a bummer, my computer is messed up so I can't access the pictures from Dashs blessing to about this last summer :(! And since my blog needs to be updated before it gets any further behind, I shall start with the pictures I have!

So needless to say if you see random old posts mixed in with recent ones, just go with it and chalk it up to my ADD :)!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Can't get Enough.

Do I love my babies. YES!!! I can't get enough of my beautiful kids. They are so sweet, loving, sassy, wild, funny, occasional trouble makers! But they are mine and they are perfect to me! So thankful to be blessed with these little angels! :)

Thank you!

A big thanks to all out wonderful family and friends who came to visit and help us out! Love you all!