Monday, June 27, 2011

Mexican Train!!!

We played Dominos or "mexican train" on Sunday, it was the first time we played in a long time and it was a blast!! It was so fun to hang out with Wade and have fun competition, while he sang to Chloee in the middle of our game and Jack started building with our pieces. Even the distractions were fun and cute! ! Maybe because I won!! Really though I loved the family time we don't get alot to just hang out all day and enjoy it! Thank goodness for not working on Sunday!!! Great day!!
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Mane oh mane!!!

Who doesn't love a crazy haired red head in the morning, I know I do! She wakes up so happy and her crazy hair just makes me laugh! Makes her climbing into my bed in the middle of the night not so bad! I love my kids!
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Wades does sit ups and push ups at night, and Chloee has decided to join him!! Its so adorable, she gets in position and counts and does them right along side with her Daddy! She loves it!! Maybe that's why she's so tiny haha!!
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Beyblade, beyblade let it RIP!!

Jack is all about the Beyblade and so dramatic with it! Every battle is highly animated! I got the opportunity to play it with him for a while and I have to say he is way better than me!! Go Jack!! It was fun spending time doing something he likes and watching him smile!
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Like Grandpa!!!

Yes that is a piece of steak in each of their mouths! Indeed they are like their papa!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Drum roll please....That's right, baby #3 is on its way!!! I am due Feb. 1st, 2012!!! Dr. Appointment went really well!! We are all excited..even Wade!! The kids seem happy so far! Jack has requested a boy so that he doesn't have to beat Chloee up anymore!! Chloee wants a sister one minute and a boy the next! I am hoping for a boy, but more importantly just a healthy baby!!
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

preschool grad video!

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Dance recital video!

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Fire Alarm!!!

So Thursday morning I was at church playing volleyball, all the kids play in the carpet area near the courts! In the midst of one of the games I had to take Chloee potty. As we are in the bathroom the fire alarm starts going off, dun dun dun! So we go back and exit the building to find that guess whose kid pulled the fire alarm??? Mine, yup little Jack! Oh was I mad but not to the point of flipping out yet....because surely I thought he did not know what it would do if he pulled it!!!! Right!! Wrong!!! So in the car on the way home I said,"why did you pull that?" To which he replied, "I didn't want to be at volleyball anymore!!" Me: "so did you know it would do that?" Jack:"yes!" I swear it was like in the cartoons when their faces turn red and steam actually comes out of their ears anger! So needless to say he spent the day sitting on the couch staring at the wall, no cartoons, and his least favorite thing(grocery shopping)!! As he was on the couch he says,"mom they should put those where kids can't reach them!" How could I argue that point! Smart little boy! Let's hope he doesn't try this in kindergarten!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny Moments

I had two funny moments today with my little rugrats! The first was my dear Jack! His wallet had been in my purse and his money had fallen out, which he did not know. So this morning when we woke up we were watching cartoons in my room and I had him go get something from my purse! He runs upstairs and says, "Mom I was robbed" holding his wallet. I just laughed and thought yep they came in saw the mater wallet and jackpot! Haha
Second fun moment was of course Miss Chloee! We were on our way home and she was eating turkey from a lunchable, when she started crying her hipitched cry! I said, "what happened?" She said sobbing, "I eat my finger!" Apparently she bit her finger in the midst of eating her turkey! Jack and I couldn't help but laugh! Poor girl! I love these kids!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

To kick or not to kick!

So as we were getting out of the car after church today, we had sort of a funny incident! Chloee was out of her seat trying to go out Jack's door, which he did not like! Chloee starts crying and I said, "Jack did you hit her?" He quickly says "no". Meantime Wade has now opened Jacks door to get him out and starts to laugh! So I open Chloees door to get her to see a big shoe print on her white shirt! Jack says, "I didn't hit her I kicked her!" To which in my head I was thinking ya I gathered that there turbo! Lol he is honest! Never a dull moment with our crazy bunch! Love it!
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White Tank "waterfall" hike on Memorial Day

On the last cool morning which happened to be memorial day! Ashley and I decided to take the kids on the waterfall hike! To our amazement it was so much fun!!! The kids surprised us by actually hiking the whole way! The only mishap on the way back down when Grace skinned her knee but she bounced back quick! Even little Chloee was a trooper! We got to the non existent waterfall and the kids threw rocks for a while into the small pool of water! Afterwards we took them to the park across the road to eat lunch and play play play!! It was a fun time with friends!
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Family Great grandchild blessing!

We recently had the opportunity to have a ton of family at our home, which I love love love! Sj the first great grandchild and great great grandchild was blessed! Granny got to come and stay and we always enjoy the time we get with her! There were so many cousins I don't think I saw Jack all weekend :)!!! We had fun family dinners and some swimming it was a great time, always enjoy bummed to see them go! Hooray for my wonderful family!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend of fun at the Beach!

I really was given the opportunity to go away for the weekend, with my Mom and Sis Lissa! Thanks to a wonderful husband who agreed to watch the kids all weekend! It was a wonderful blast we used our timeshare in Oceanside, Ca which was literally right on the beach! The first night we walked by the fun little shops by the harbor! Then we walked the short distance on the beach to the pier! We walked down the to the end of the pier watching people fish along the way and talk about beautiful weather oh my awesomeness! We ate dinner at Ruby's Diner which was at the end of the pier! It was great great food and you could see the ocean out the windows! Lissa and i had fun making jokes about sharks and the surfers lol! Then we walked back to our resort and enjoyed tv a fireplace and doing absolutely nothing :)!!! Saturday we decided to check out the outlet mall, and I think we all were walking on air, we shopped and shopped had yummy food and headed back to the hotel that night. Oh ya and that morning we had enjoyed yummy breakfast and hot chocolate at a small little place on the harbor! That night we had the best calzone from a place on the harbor! Then Sunday we walked the beach and headed home! It was a wonderfully fun weekend, wish some more sisters could have come! But I sure enjoyed the time with my beautiful Mommy and Sis!
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