Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was a lot of fun this year. Jack was old enough to hunt the eggs. We had a big party on saturday with a bunch of my family. We had homemade pizza and an easter egg hunt. It was great. I was so glad Jack was big enough for the hunt this year, he was so cute he knew exactly to pick up the eggs and put them in his basket, probably because he knew they had candy in them haha. It was so nice to have the family there i love when we are all able to get together, we have such a good time. All the kids were so cute. (Jeremy, Ali, Skylar, Kenzie, Sarah, Davin, Jacob, Kelvin, Billy, Brynn, Jeanie, JOe, Spencer, Danny, Charlie, Shannon, Henry and of course me, Wade and Jack) It was a big group of course. Anyway it was fun. Sunday was a nice relaxing day, Wade and Jack opened their Easter Basket Sunday before church. Jack got some sidewalk chalk and immediately wanted to go outside but was bummed cause we had to get ready for church. I think we have had enough candy and food to last us for a week. Jack is at such a cute age right now but also a very testing age. Im just so glad we got to have such a good family weekend.