Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Thank you to all of my wonderfu Family and friends that came to my shower. A special thanks for My mom, Ali and Sarah for helping get it together. Gotta thank DArci for the great cake. It was so much fun. I loved getting all the little pinks purples etc. girly stuff. Im painting her room tonight so im even more excited. I am about ready for this little girl to get here, i think we all are. Jack already tries to feed my belly its pretty funny. I can't believe we only have a couple weeks left, seems like we just found out we were pregnant. Anyways just wanted to say thanks and that the shower was fantastic.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just an Update.

Just a few pictures of us all updated from a couple nights ago, we had a chance to go to the cardinals game and it was okay Jack did good he lasted till about the 3rd quarter. I love the picture of Wade and Jack, i just think they are so cute, those are my boys! And i also put a picture of me eight months pregos and only a few weeks to go...whoohooo....I can't wait, we are painting our entire house and i have the end of pregnancy nesting stage going on, ive been cleaning out everything and anything....Thats about it.

PROUD PARENTAL MOMENTS!!! The difference in a mother being proud and a father being proud of their child: My proud moment is that every time i clean the bathrooms, Jack wants to use the toilet wand and clean the toilet for me and oh yes i let him, i think this is great what else will he clean hehe. Now the proud moment for a father: I could not post the picture because it shows jacks naked but in the backyard peeing in the grass for the first time... And what does daddy say "That's my boy"!!! I guess no matter the accomplishment we are always proud of our little guy.

This was last sunday. Wade had hurt his neck so when he got from church took some medicine and feel asleep on the floor, however jack was in one of his im not napping moods so after he had a snack at about 430pm feel asleep at the table...It left me wondering where's my nap :)