Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving at Kindergarten!

This was truly awesome!  Jack's class had a Thanksgiving feast and I was lucky enough to get to help out and see my little boy as an Indian!  All the parents donated the food!  I actually made the indian vests!  We set the classroom up, the kids were all pilgrims and Indians!  It was a blast, the kids really seemed to enjoy it!  It was so cute to watch my little JJ so grown up at school.  I am so blessed that I have the ability to go in and help and participate at his school and I know he really loves me there!  He is always so glad when I get to come in!  His teacher wore this cute Turkey hat that would sing and dance pretty funny!  I was being a nice mommy and took Jack out early after the feast.  Since it was a 4 day break I thought he wouldn't miss much leaving half day!  He couldn't have been happier, it was all he could talk about that day and kept checking with me to make sure I wouldn't leave without him!  I hope he always loves me this much!!

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Miss Chloee was so excited to start dance back up without a broken arm!  She is a ballerina!  Jack was so excited to be going on Thanksgiving break!  And I tried to get a good picture of my loves but only Chloee would smile...boys ;)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lazy Sundays and Missing toenails!

Last Sunday was stake conference and we decided to have a lazy Sunday!  The kids and I stayed in our Pjs all day (heaven).  Wade only got dressed because he went golfing!  We watched Elf 2 times and the kids especially Jack was cracking up!  Nice to snuggle and watch a fun movie with the family.  Then Chloee helped me make a whole bunch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (4 dozen)! And yes we had eaten them all by Tuesday night, don't judge ;)!  Now for the missing toenails!  Wade has an issue with his big toenail on one foot, it dies every so often and he gets a bad ingrown toenail!  The wonderful thing about Wade is he thinks he is a doctor;).  He watched the toenail doctor do it once and bought his own tools and now he is doctor Wade!  Unfortunately for him we have no numbing medicine like a real doctor.  So he got home from golf, strapped on his nerd headlight and went to town.  I knew however when he had pulled it off because his face got a little pale and he didn't say a word!  In his own words, "it hurt like a dirty mother!"  However the pain from the hang nail being gone was a big relief on his poor foot.  Looking at the nail after and what he had pulled out no wonder it hurt!! 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bruises, Ice cream, and tears!

So Monday for the most part was a good regular day! We went to Jack's parent/teacher conference that evening and it went well!  He is doing really good and has completed his goals from last quarter!  My little boy is growing up I am so proud of him!  Having said that during the conference he had his arms on two desks swinging and slipped and met the floor!  Yikes he hit it hard, he now has a golf ball size goose egg and bruise!  I felt so bad, so we went home and iced it and snuggled on the couch.  He had been carrying a bag of water around for it, not ice but water!  Luckily he is okay just a headache!  Later in that night we all got a good laugh, thanks to Chloee bear!  She tried to drink a partially frozen vanilla shake (with the lid off) and it covered her face.  She wasn't so amused by it, but it sure was cute!!! I am thankful for my wonderful kids and how there really is never a dull moment!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Almost 29 weeks!

Whew I am in the 3rd trimester Hooray! Can't believe I am already 29 weeks, let's hope the last few weeks go by as fast as the first 29!  Still need a name for this little guy!! Nevertheless the countdown is on we are so excited to meet our new little boy!

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Look Mom two arms!

Yay my baby girl got her cast off Wednesday morning!  She was a little nervous and cautious all day Wednesday, however she woke up Thursday ready to go!  You never would have known she broke her arm.  She is so excited to have her arm all better.  She is back to somersaults, bike riding, and Showers!  She has had to take a bath this whole time with a bag on her arm!  So the first shower she got, she seriously took like a 30 minute shower:) That's my girl!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

A day today!

Today was one of those pregnant days where you literally feel like the life had been sucked out of you!  If I was able to I bet I would have been able to sleep all day.  But my day starts at 6am, thank goodness for Wade being able to drop Jack at school on his way to work.  Chloee was sweet enough to at least let me sit down and for a while, I didn't get much done!  I finally managed to get on makeup and run a couple errands before getting my favorite little boy from school.  Now we are home and I am running on low energy, it'll be an easy dinner tonight, scriptures and early to bed for us all!  All and all I am thankful today to have easy pregnancies, so occassionally I have the days like today but I am not sick, not on bed rest and I can still take care of my wonderful kids and husband! 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

To be thankful Day 2

So to continue on for thankfulness of my home this I am thankful for my Family Room, Living Room and formal Dining Room!  Yesterday was bathrooms!  So today these rooms will be cleaned, shined and beautiful!  In the Living Room I am thankful for our pretty leather couches, family pictures, temple pictures, the fact that it is always clean and that is the first room everyone sees :)!  The Dining Room, I am thankful for the big wooden table so we can invite and have lots of people/family over, the pretty red bowl I won and the big mirror and also that that room is always clean!  In the family room, I am thankful for a fun room to spend time with Wade and the kids, the toys the make there way into it, couches to sit on even though they aren't my fav, The tv, dvr, movies, books, windows for light, ceiling fan, and all the red white and blue decorations we were able to buy!  So thankful that we are able to have these rooms and items in our home!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To be thankful!

This month I know everyone is focusing on being thankful!  And it is always the same old thing family, kids, friends,  health etc!  I feel like I am thankful for those things all year long so I am going to focus in being thankful for my home and what is in it!  Each day I will pick a different area to be thankful about and clean and organize it!  Let's face it, I love to clean and organize and what a better reason and especially since I have slacked a little with this pregnancy!  So today I am thankful for bathrooms, all 3 that we have!  I will clean,  organize and make them shine!  I am thankful for the all the things with and in them.  Running water, tubs, showers, flushing toilets, hot water, make up, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, soap, lights, toothbrush/toothpaste, teeth whitening, floss, towels, cleaner, double sinks, hair spray, flat iron, perfume, deodorant and of course RAZORS! 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yummy veggies

Ok my last post for now and I am caught up!  This picture of veggies is what we got Saturday for $10!  You pay the $10 and get 60lbs of vegetables!  We love veggies!  Plus you get to pick what you want even better!  We made salsa with our tomatoes and yummy the squash is so good!  Those little yellow tomatoes are heaven!  It is every 3rd Saturday at different places all over the valley and we will be there cause its awesome!

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Tee Ball

Jack is now doing tee ball along with Karate!  Saturday was his first time and he absolutely loved it!  To make it even funner he is playing it with friends (Gracie, Braden, and Rayce)  I was going to sign up Chloee but with her poor arm, she will have to wait until the next round!  Plus her ballet is starting back soon and she loves it,  she's a little ballerina for sure!  Can't wait to see what our new little guy will love!  My kids are truly awesome!

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Super Girl and the Ninja!

Halloween was alot of fun this year, we are still trying to get the pink hairspray off Chloees scalp ;)!  Friday night we went to the ward Trunk or Treat!  It was a blast, a fun little train ride for the kids, games, and my favorite the cotton candy machine!  The kids trick or treated the cars (Chloee more than Jack), he was a tad Grumpy!  All the kids were so cute and had fun with all our friends!  On Halloween we went to the Crouses house for a fun outdoor potluck!  The guys got to watch the game on the giant screen outside and us ladies took the kids Trick or Treating!  Jack was much happier that night and it was so fun to go around the neighborhood with friends!  They came home with lots of candy for me oops I mean them hehe! 

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26 weeks

This picture is me at 26 weeks and now I am 27 weeks however I feel like I grew about 5 inches in that week!  Still need a name for this little guy!

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Pumpkin Carving!

Did a little pumpkin carving this year, well Wade did :)  Our poor pumpkin was moldy and dead 2 days later!

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Halloween day for Chlobear!

Mrs. Moss makes preschool so fun!  The school day before Halloween, she has a Halloween/Trunk or Treat for the kids.  They get to wear their costumes, she dresses up and they trick or treat each parents car!  We did it both years with Jack and now the Chlobears!  So fun, Chloee is definitely my school girl!

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Spirit/Red Ribbon Week!

Jack had his first spirit week at school!  Of course red ribbon drug free week too!  I got to help in his class and make the project for their door, so fun!  He had crazy hat day where we made a spiderman hat, he was not in a good mood that day when Wade dropped him off!  He loved Jersey day!  Poor kid was sick for crazy hair day, with his darn asthma.  But made it back for Friday, which was decade day, so we dressed him like the kids Sandlot, he liked it as long as we didn't call him smalls! 

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Some Random Matheson!

One thing my kids love is to play rough with their daddy, from pillow fights, jumping on his back to having the big exercise ball launched at them!  Seems to be a Sunday afternoon ritual and the kids laugh and run hysterically!  The picture of Chloee with the sign on her back is from Jack,  already slapping signs on her haha!  And last but not least we finally get to play outside again!  My kids share an interest in Golf like their Dad not their Mom!  So we took the golf clubs out and swung away!  Jack is getting pretty good, but poor Chloee with her broken arm was having a tough time!  So much fun around here especially with this cooler weather alleluia!

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Primary Program

The Primary Program on Oct. 23rd was beautiful!  I actually got to sit in the audience and watch!  It was wonderful!  Jack said his part and sang all the songs!  Made my day!

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