Friday, December 21, 2007

Updating on my Surgeries

Well the top pictures is a pictures of my left hand that was operated on yesterday. The second picture is my right hand that was done last Tuesday, it looks bad but it doesn't hurt at all what is looks like :) Those bruises don't hurt at all just surgery stuff. I already feel a hundred times better still hurts a little but after a couple of months the nerves will fully unpinch and i will be free from any pain. I had the best doctor and the nurses were fantastic. Both surgeries went as well as they could go i am so please to have this done and over with and to be able to type and write and sleep with out excruciating pain. Its such a wonderful blessing to have this done. It has definitely been an experience trying to be one handed and do things at a slower pace I've over done it a little bit but that's just me. It is especially hard not to over do it with Jack ha ha my little firecracker. He has been so cute though he comes up and points and says owie mommy and kisses my hands. He so cute. Wade has been a big help too, he took the day off yesterday and has helped me clean because i cant get the wrapped up hand wet. I'm so grateful for my boys and for all the prayers.

Monday, December 10, 2007

No More Pain

Hooray!!!! I am so excited because we went to the Brown Hand Center for my Carpal tunnel today and got all my testing done. The nerve test was not fun they poked 18 needles in my arm and hands ya i had to lay down because I almost past out!!! go figure me and needles!! Anyways I am excited because I have surgery tomorrow on my right hand and surgery on the 20th for my left hand!!! THen hopefully all the pain will be gone. It has been a five year battle of constant pain and I am so excited to finally get it done and over with and be able to write type clean, read books do all the things with my hand without them hurting anymore. It was sure luck they could get me in before the holidays, thats why prayers work. The surgery is simple and it is only about 10 mins long and its outpatient but they will put me under. The recovery time is about a week, but the cool thing is with this new release surgery they dont slice you open it is only two little incisions and it is done with a laser so minimum scarring and only a week recovery. I am a little nervous but i got a blessing from sweet Wade and I think im good to go! I probably won't update my status for a while beings I will only be able to use one hand. Hooray!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Callings

Well Today has been a super crazy day. Sorry if my blog is a little blah right now, I am just getting used to it! Anyway ya so I got a call like an hour before church to meet the bishop and they called me to be the assistant to the secretary in Primary. I am super excited because I got released from the activities committee :) Yay! This is definitely going to be alot of work I quickly realized as we were going over everything today so I am a little nervous eek! Oh well I think it will be a good thing for me. We tried Nursery again today with Jack and yup he sure did scream his head off in hysterics. I guess it is going to take a little more getting used to for him!!! Since Wade is in Senior Nursery Jack just went in with him today! So all and all it was a pretty busy and exciting day all together. Now i am going to go watch some tv with and cuddle with My Wade.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just For the Day!

This is my first blog posting so it may just be a little random and general. For those of you who haven't heard from me in a while, just a quick bit: My husband Wade and I have been married for 2 and a half years, we have a cute little boy named Jack that is 18 months. We are currently in the process of trying to make another one haha! tmi! I stay home with him and do a little bit of internet business for Wades work on the side. Wade is the general manager of two used car dealerships, one in Surprise and one in Glendale. He is a super busy Dude! Anyway I am still the same and just a wife and a mother now. Im as crazy as ever and we are definitely jokesters. Wade and I currently have a Your mom joke battle going, its pretty funny.

So it is raining today for the firsttime in like ever and I am so excited. However Jack likes the rain so we had to play in it for an hour and are soaked. He was kicking and screaming when we had to come in! Alright well I am pretty boring at the moment, just excited about the rain. Later Gator!