Friday, December 21, 2007

Updating on my Surgeries

Well the top pictures is a pictures of my left hand that was operated on yesterday. The second picture is my right hand that was done last Tuesday, it looks bad but it doesn't hurt at all what is looks like :) Those bruises don't hurt at all just surgery stuff. I already feel a hundred times better still hurts a little but after a couple of months the nerves will fully unpinch and i will be free from any pain. I had the best doctor and the nurses were fantastic. Both surgeries went as well as they could go i am so please to have this done and over with and to be able to type and write and sleep with out excruciating pain. Its such a wonderful blessing to have this done. It has definitely been an experience trying to be one handed and do things at a slower pace I've over done it a little bit but that's just me. It is especially hard not to over do it with Jack ha ha my little firecracker. He has been so cute though he comes up and points and says owie mommy and kisses my hands. He so cute. Wade has been a big help too, he took the day off yesterday and has helped me clean because i cant get the wrapped up hand wet. I'm so grateful for my boys and for all the prayers.


alison said...

Ok I just threw up in my mouth! :)
That looks awful, glad it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. Get better quick, I will post some of my munchkin after her surgery next week. I watched the cochlear implant surgery on You TUbe and about died, not smart of me to do a week before her surgery. Well goodluck being handless.

alison said...

How was your CHristmas?

gknee38 said...

Mrs. Frankenstein???