Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just For the Day!

This is my first blog posting so it may just be a little random and general. For those of you who haven't heard from me in a while, just a quick bit: My husband Wade and I have been married for 2 and a half years, we have a cute little boy named Jack that is 18 months. We are currently in the process of trying to make another one haha! tmi! I stay home with him and do a little bit of internet business for Wades work on the side. Wade is the general manager of two used car dealerships, one in Surprise and one in Glendale. He is a super busy Dude! Anyway I am still the same and just a wife and a mother now. Im as crazy as ever and we are definitely jokesters. Wade and I currently have a Your mom joke battle going, its pretty funny.

So it is raining today for the firsttime in like ever and I am so excited. However Jack likes the rain so we had to play in it for an hour and are soaked. He was kicking and screaming when we had to come in! Alright well I am pretty boring at the moment, just excited about the rain. Later Gator!


alison said...

Yay Brig, you have a blog! It is really cool because I don't really write in my journal much, but the blog is even better because there is so much I write about that I really wouldn't in my journal at night. Then I can just put this on a disk or print it off and make a nice thing for my kids to read all about someday and they will see what I was like as a young mom and all. Well I am going to be thirty next year, so I guess I am no longer a young mom. Wow time goes fast. I was thinking with you trying to get preg. we might end up preg at the same time, well you would prob be at the end of the preg just as I was getting preg, but still our kids can be buddies. Johnny and SKyler are a year apart and they have always been little buds. Ok this comment has been so all over the place. Glad you got your blog on!

alison said...

Oj it is me again. I was looking at your blog friends so far, I have lots of people you know on my friends list, you should check em out and add em. I know Billy has his own blog and Jen has hers, it is so fun, I used to only like myspace, but I way more into bloggin now. Ok thanks for the hair comment by the way, I was tired of dying it. So now I am working really hard trying to loose weight, hopefully by the time we move back to Yuma I can be at a somewhat normal weight, just in time to get preg again. Ok love ya!

Jen said...

yay you have a blog.
i havent updated mine in a while, our internet is out ever since it rained. its sade but i miss it so much.
yeah billy told me how you wanna get pregnate at the same time as us so they our kids would be the same age and have someone to play with. :) thats cute. gosh imagine if you has a girl, she would be the cutest kid ever, because jack looks like the gerber baby! haha i didnt even read alisons response till just now, what if we were all preg. at the same time. weird. though i would be the nooby.

sorry most of this is scattered. i am at work and not supposed to be on this but no one is here right now. :/