Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Callings

Well Today has been a super crazy day. Sorry if my blog is a little blah right now, I am just getting used to it! Anyway ya so I got a call like an hour before church to meet the bishop and they called me to be the assistant to the secretary in Primary. I am super excited because I got released from the activities committee :) Yay! This is definitely going to be alot of work I quickly realized as we were going over everything today so I am a little nervous eek! Oh well I think it will be a good thing for me. We tried Nursery again today with Jack and yup he sure did scream his head off in hysterics. I guess it is going to take a little more getting used to for him!!! Since Wade is in Senior Nursery Jack just went in with him today! So all and all it was a pretty busy and exciting day all together. Now i am going to go watch some tv with and cuddle with My Wade.


Jeff and Ang said...

Hi brigette ! Thanks for saying my family's cute(; I think they are too(; You have the CUTEST little boy!! He has the most adorable smile! He must be spoiled because I couldn't imagine ever being able to say no to that sweet little face, lol...I saw you're trying to have another, so good luck! You are brave, you completly lose power with two, (; really is great, when they get along! Hope you are doing good, you all look so happy (: Take care!

Mauzy Fam said...

Hi Brigette! It's Tamra (Niki's sister). Found your blog through Jeremy and Alison! You have a cute little family. I'm so excited to keep up on you now. Check out our blog too.

alison said...

Oh your guys' song is on. I have lost 17 pounds, but you can't really tell cause I have a lot more to lose, I am trying HARD though. I will always struggle with my weight, so this is just going to have to be a huge lifestyle change forever. Hopefully by next Christmas I will be a decent weight and possibly be preg.(Ironic) Ok well I love your blog, goodluck with your new calling and getting Jack used to nursery(always fun!)