Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dash Eli Matheson

The birth story! Dash was born on Jan 21st, 2012 at 6:39am! He weighed 7lbs 6ozs and was 20 and a half inches long! Labor started at about 1:40am, we called are friend Amy and dropped off the kids away to Del Webb we went! We parked in front of Labor and Delivery that apparently is closed till 6am! Yes that is right I had to walk around to the ER in labor, we made it! They wheeled us up and my first nurse Kaci was fantastic! Wades sarcasm at 2:30am is ten times more than normal and our nurse was just as good! Humor in labor is a good idea! So I got my epidural and since I was numb, I thought I felt my water break! Nope but I felt something, the nurse checked me And low and behold he had flipped at the last minute! So to a c section we went! That moment of panic is terrifying but I was in good hands and. Wade was by my side the whole time! The experience was cool, weird, and nerve wracking! The pulled him out and I heard him cry; oh the relief I felt! Then the nurse came over and said they were taking him to the nursery to watch his breathing! My chest had never felt so heavy it's that worry even though they said he would be fine, a mother panics! So I simply got to kiss my beautiful boy before they had Wade carry him to the nursery! They sewed me up and all I could think is how much I wanted to hold him, I wanted him with me! He had a head full of hair and looked just like his Daddy! Finally a few hours later, they okayed him and they brought me my boy! Now he was with me and the moment were so sweet, he was here! I couldn't wait for Jack and Chloee to meet their new brother! To be continued....