Monday, May 30, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Jack graduated preschool on May 18th! He loved Mrs. Moss and Happy Beginnings Preschool, Chloee will start with her in August! His graduation was very cute! However Jack sat in his chair playing with his jacket while the others sang! Its hard to believe he will be in kindergarten in a couple months. He is very happy he gets to go to PEC! He is growing up so fast, I was a little sad that was his last year of preschool, but glad too! We plan on having a super fun summer since we will be tied down to school come august!!! Yay for Jack!
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My little Ballerina!!

Chloee had her first dance recital on May 16th! She was adorable as were all the little girls dancing! She was a little tired so she wouldn't do her tumble and her tutu was a little big and at one point she lifted her arms and it feel down haha! It was so fun and cute! Chloee thought it was so great that she got to wear my makeup, I think that was her favorite part! She really enjoys ballet and gymnastics! She's a sweetie! Ill post the video soon!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My baby boy is 5!!!!!!

Oh my Jack is five!!!! It is so weird how fast he is growing! He just finished soccer for the summer! His birthday was so fun! He had a bunch of friends over and pretty much just played Beyblade, his cake was even Beyblade thanks to Sweetbcakes! He got a ton of stuff, we are not hurting for toys ;) His preschool graduation is tomorrow and he will start kindergarten in august! It will definitely be weird being the mom at school! Its a little sad and exciting all at the same time!!! Jack I love you so much, your fun, sarcastic, and stubborn and I wouldn't have you any other way!
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