Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hats and Haircuts!

This week Jack had firemen come to his school and bring the fire truck!  It was all he could talk about that day!  They each got a hat and to go on the fire truck, made his day!  Chloee just wanted to wear Jack's play hat silly girl!  And Finally they got some cute cute haircuts!  Makes them both look so grown up, I am not ready for that, wish they could be little forever!  Again sorry about the sideways pics I can't get some of them to upload from my phone right!

When you hear your words!

So today I said, "I want hot wings!"  To which my JJ replied, "Ya well I want a million bucks, but that's never gonna happen!"  Hahaa oh i heard myself in that one so much, little smarty pants!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Craft time!

We decided, instead of waste time on cartoons today, we would do a fun craft!  So Chloee and I stopped Micheals before we picked up Jack and got our supplies!  Jack made a bunch of Halloween pencils (ghosts, spiders, pumpkins)!  Chloee made flower pens, she wanted them like the doctor's office had!  It was a huge success the kids loved it and so did I, I loved not having to hear spongebob!   Yay for a fun afternoon, now we are going outside to run around and enjoy the weather!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cast!

Our little Chlobear got her real cast on today!  She changed her mind from pink to purple, for a cast it is sure cute!  She did so good never whined or complained and let the docs do their job!  She was funny she asked the docs a million and one questions with each thing they did!  They were super impressed with how well she did!  Wade and her got a little bored in the room waiting so.....they made balloons out of gloves and drew faces on them too funny!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh my Broken Bones!

So a week and a half ago my little girl broke her arm!  She fell off a playground at the park and broke the two bones in her forearm!  I picked her up and immediately said, "we are going to the hospital", there was no question it was broken!  And thank goodness for wonderful friends!  Linsey took Jack for the day and sweet Amy drove us to the hospital, I am so glad she was calm and was able to think!  I called Wade to tell him we were on our way to the hospital because Chloee broke her arm and he didn't believe me at first!  However when I burst into tears over the phone he was on his way, I never cry so he knew it was no joke!  I was okay once at the hospital, Wade was great, it was nothing but a thing to him, so glad he was able to be there with us all 7 hours! And she sure wanted her daddy there!   Chloee did great, she was happy eating Cheetos and watching dora! She is a tough little cookie, so impressed with how awesome she did! The worst part was the Iv, she cried more with that than she did when she fell, so sad to watch!  I can't blame her I hate those things too!  Then they had to sedate her to set the arm yuck and put the temporary cast on!  I started crying a little once it was all done, my poor little girl, but all in all we did great!  The next morning she popped up and wanted to play, you would have never known she had an injury she acted like it didn't bother her, she is super happy she gets her pretty pink cast on tomorrow!  Plus she got an awesome Disney princess toy from the hospital, she loved that!  Hopefully we wont have to experience anything like this again!  All and all we were super fortunate that it wasn't worse and that she did so well!


I love these kids, can't wait to meet our new little guy!

The Beach! Oh so FUN!

So we of course had to go to the beach why were in San Diego!  We chose Mission Beach, it was so close and so so much fun!  We spent a couple hours there the first day in San Diego and a couple hours there on Sunday before we came home!  The kids played and played!  Chloee loved running from the waves and getting wet! She was running from a wave at one point and fell in the hole where they had been digging haha! Jack loved playing in the sand but was super skiddish to go near the water since he watched Shark Week, so he hung out with me in the sand! We even saw Dolphins swimming fairly close! Billy and Wade helped the kids build sand castles and catch the little sand crabs! Grandma ran in and out of the water with us too!  We loved having them with us!  Jack found a batman figure in the sand why me and him were digging and made his day!  Wade and Billy were soaked!  Chloee had sand everywhere i mean everywhere and so did we all!  Totally worth it, I would do it 10 times over!  Love my family!


We took Chloee to Sea World for her birthday this year!  My parents and Billy came with us on our fun little trip!  I am so glad we have our timeshare!  It was a blast both kids had a ton of fun!  We did some shows, we sat right in front for Shamu and we were soaked!  Chloee wanted to get wet but when it finally happened she was not impressed!  She said, "Shampoo was mean!" hehe!  We made Jack go on the big rides and he was glad he did!  i took Chloee on the kiddie rides and she loved them, definitely a ride girl!  It was so fun that Jack could go on the big things!  We enjoyed all the exhibits, the shark one is also great!  Both kids picked Seaworld pennies and a gift!  The family time was so awesome and I would call the birthday a success and a great time for everyone!