Monday, December 10, 2007

No More Pain

Hooray!!!! I am so excited because we went to the Brown Hand Center for my Carpal tunnel today and got all my testing done. The nerve test was not fun they poked 18 needles in my arm and hands ya i had to lay down because I almost past out!!! go figure me and needles!! Anyways I am excited because I have surgery tomorrow on my right hand and surgery on the 20th for my left hand!!! THen hopefully all the pain will be gone. It has been a five year battle of constant pain and I am so excited to finally get it done and over with and be able to write type clean, read books do all the things with my hand without them hurting anymore. It was sure luck they could get me in before the holidays, thats why prayers work. The surgery is simple and it is only about 10 mins long and its outpatient but they will put me under. The recovery time is about a week, but the cool thing is with this new release surgery they dont slice you open it is only two little incisions and it is done with a laser so minimum scarring and only a week recovery. I am a little nervous but i got a blessing from sweet Wade and I think im good to go! I probably won't update my status for a while beings I will only be able to use one hand. Hooray!


alison said...

Yay, one down, one to go. I am so glad it won't be hurting anymore. So has it been hard being a one hand mama with Jack-Jack? Glad it all went well!