Sunday, December 9, 2012


Well aside from the bridal shower this Summer, we also got to spend some time with the family in Yuma. Well minus Wade, he was doing that thing ya'll call work ;)!
First off My Dad came out in this sweet picture with a Whip it good shirt! And well how on this earth can you not laugh and take a picture of that! I love my Dad!
Have I mentioned I love my Moms food!! Including those yummy hot wings pictured below! Holla!
And of course the best part is hanging out with Grandma and Papa! I love that my kids think my parents hang the moon! Cause well I think they do too!
Now a fun story! Do you see that lizard below on my Momma's curtain?? Do you?? Well I was cleaning up and went to pick up what I thought was a "toy"lizard. And hey guess what?? It was real! Yeah I jumped a little and may have let out a scre ;)
Anyway it was a fun way to end the summer! We always love having out with the fAmily!