Friday, December 7, 2012

This Girl!

Oh my Chloee Bear, how I love her!! ( I am blogging this from my phone so I can't comment under each picture! )
This little girl is my little princess! Although she is a spitfire and a half, and well lets face she is SO much like me it's scary, I love her so very much! And enjoy all the fun girly things we get to do together!
She got he first set of play makeup which she decorated her and I with it! She loves make up, again just like her mother!
She loves heels and to be dressed up pretty, yet part of her is so Tom boyish! ( like her mother). She changes her clothes frequently like her mother!
The last picture is of her pretending to be Shawn from Psych!! And well we all know how much I and my family love Psych!
This little ball of attitude always makes me laugh! Love my Bear and the little girl she is becoming!