Sunday, December 11, 2011

Electric Parade, bring on the rain!

We recently attended the 25 annual APS electric light parade for the first time!  We had chairs, warm jackets and 2 big huge blankets!  And thank goodness we had blankets because it rained!  Despite the rain we had so much fun!  Mickey Mouse came all the way from Disneyland to be the grand Marshall.  I didn't get to many pictures because of the rain!  The kids had an absolute blast and we lucked out to have front row seats!  It was such a great family event for us, we were all snuggled up together under our blankets so we kept pretty warm.  I actually didn't mind the rain at all, neither did anyone else.  After it ended with Santa we walked backed to our car as quick as we could!  And topped a wonderful night off with a trip to QT and some hot chocolate! 

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