Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Chlobear!

My sweet fiery red head turned 3 last friday!  Time goes by so fast!  She had donuts for breakfast at her request with a couple small gifts.  Her big gift was we headed to San Diego that day to the beach and Seaworld the next day!  Those post will follow!  She loved her birthday!  And we love her!  Life just wouldn't be the same without this little smarty pants!  She makes me smile and she is truly a princess with a bit of an attitude!  Love you Chloee!

Surprise Movie Night!

We recently for the first time attended the city of Surprise Movie Night at the baseball stadium! It was free and it was Rio.  It was actually a good time.  We had our blanket in the grass, snacks and just us!  Of course we learned we need to bring a bigger Blanket next time and a few other things!  Totally worth doing again!

Jack's first field trip!

I was lucky recently to attend the Childrens Museum in Phoenix with Jack in his first field trip!  Jack and I were both so excited to go together, the group I had was Jack and 3 girls it was so fun!  The bus we took was no school bus, it had comfy seats, individual air controls, and dvd players playing movies for the kids!  I got to spend the whole day with Jack and his class!  They played on a super fun playground, went fake grocery shopping and all kinds of other fun stuff including crafts!  Then we came back to school and had a surprise birthday party for his teacher Mrs. Freitag.  We even got to go home a little early.  I also got to help in his class one morning.   I love that he loves school and still likes to have me around!  So weird seeing him grow up! I love him so much!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chloee wants a girl

Chloee is not satisfied that we are having a boy!  Tonight Jack and I were talking about the boy and Chloee said,  "no it is a girl!" To which Jack replied loudly "no it is a boy!" Chloee than said "mom do you have a girl in there too for me" haha I had to tell her there was just one little boy!  Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Friday, September 16, 2011


So Jack and Chloee were playing and I hear Jack tell Chloee, "your fired!"  Chloee comes running to me all upset and says, "mom Jack said Im on fire!"  Hahahaha

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It is a B-o-Y

The 3rd Matheson child is officially a boy no doubts whatsoever!  Hooray we are all so excited!  Wade jokingly suggested we name him Barney and asked if that would be obvious (we watch How I Met Your Mother and love the Barney guy)!  However Chloee came home with this sticker on her head and I was nervous it is a sign if naming him Barney!  Haha I joke he will not be named Barney!  The name war is on between me and Wade now as like with the other two!   Haha fun!  Jack was so super excited when I told him it was adorable!  Wade was super happy he wanted a boy!  Chloee was mad at first but now she can't wait to hold him like her babies!!  We all can't wait to meet our new little guy!!!

Sweet Labor Day

The Jones Family was so sweet to let us borrow their Mountain House House for Labor Day weekend!  We went Friday to Monday and it was just what the doctor ordered!  It was just us until Sunday afternoon,  then the Bluths came up to hang out with us!  It was such a great time.  It was Legend wait for it....dary!  It was such a great family bonding time, there was no fighting with the kids or worrying about anything back home, pure bliss!  None of us wanted to leave!  We went on fun walks where Chloee picked flowers!  Lots of fun quad and rhino rides! The kids loved those rides! We got all the kids to go down the zipline! Scared the pants off my babies! The weather was Perfect!!!!! So beautiful playing outside relaxing doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other!  I was even able to drink hot chocolate!! What up!   We went to Winslow and got our picture taken on the "standing on the corner" sign!  Silly but cool!  We went down to the creek caught crawdads and just played!  So much fun wish we could have those weekends more often!

Jack is Awesome!

So my baby is growing up!  I love this little boy!  Again in the sideways picture are his light up shoes!  I finally found some sketchers that were decent looking light up shoes that Jack has been begging for!  He loves them,  he thinks he is the coolest with his new shoes!  Made my day with how happy he was with them!  He also recently started Karate, which seems to be his knack!  He just the uniform or Gi and he thinks he is big time!  He enjoys every minute of it each week! I am so thrilled he likes it so much!  He is awesome sauce!

Yuma open house

Chloee and I went to Yuma the end of August for Tim and Katie's Yuma open house!  Wade and Jack decided to stay home and golf and having a "boys" weekend!  The open house was great!  Wonderful to see family and friends, especially those I do not get to see very often!  The picture of the 300 cupcakes we decorated,  so wanted to eat them all haha!  The food for it was yummy, so glad we got to take a bunch home!  Also got my delicious Chile Pepper mom quesadilla!  Chloee loved being in Yuma having free reign without Jack!  The cute little boy in the pictures is my great-nephew SJ!  Such a sweetie! Oh ya and Chloee beat the you know what out of Billy it was me! I love to go home to my parents house, but I was also glad to return home to my boyZ,  missed them!  And they missed having food hehe!

Some random stuff!

My kids love to go outside and exercise!  We were out the other day and they picked flowers for me and Jack was being the teacher and reading us books!  So fun!  We also enjoy spending time at the splashpad of course until we start melting!  Love hanging out outside hopefully this heat goes away so we can do it more often!

Chloee is a growing!

So sorry the pictures post sideways I can not figure out how to get them to post right from my phone!  My baby girl started preschool!  Of course we put her with Kara Moss!  Chloee loves it, the first day she did not even look back could have cared less if I was there!  Made me a little sad!  She is miss independent for sure!! Its the redhead in her!  School is her thing,  she loves every minute of it and tells me all about it when she gets home!  She also started back at ballet!  She is truly a ballerina and Miss Tiff is a fabulous teacher!  Chloee loves everything dance!  She's growing up to fast!  Love my kiddos!

Tim and Katie are hitched

August 5th my little brother Timmy was married and sealed in the Mesa temple to my new sis in law Katie!  Although it makes me feel extremely old, I couldn't be happier for them!  Katie is truly awesome!  And of course with any wedding it was awesome to have all the family down!  I got to see and spend time with all my siblings!  I love having family around!  The cousins are running around, the house is so loud it breaks the sound barrier and I love it!  The reception in Prescott was beautiful!  Chloee and everyone else including my mom were dancing up a storm so fun!  The cake was yummy!  We had a bbq at Sarahs the next day with swimming food and laughing and teasing each other!  I almost didn't see Jack all weekend he was so busy playing!  Always glad to have company and sad to see them go!

Rain Hooray!

So the first rain in a long time and my kids were loving it!  They played and ran barefoot till they were soaking wet!  Such a good day!