Monday, December 10, 2012

It's stuff!

I know I know! I take a picture and write about every little thing! I can't help it! I love my kids and want to remember every sweet moment!

Keep in mind this is still August, Dash was starting to crawl!6-7 months old!

The kids wanted to make their own sandwiches! So I let them!

Chloee had her preschool meet your teacher! Isn't she cute in her new outfit she picked out?!

Jack played Basketball for the first time on a league and really enjoyed it!

Oh my babies are growing to fast!

Little big sister and big little brother!

Yep they are 4 years apart!

Final days of Summer!

Now don't get me wrong, by final days of Summer I mean before school starts! Because the heat isn't going anywhere, notice the bright red beet faces in the pictures! Sorry my picture are out of order, but that's what happens when you blog from your IPhone! So just go with it!

We kicked off one last fun activity before school started! Jumpstreet with friends! Who doesn't want to jump on giant trampolines!
The kids always have a ton of fun!

Still August on the blog!

My Mr. Dash is growing! He may not be very old but I can't picture life with out him! It's like he has been with us forever!