Thursday, October 30, 2008


Funny Story of the week!!!! So Usually Chloee and Jack are happy and can coexist with out any problems, however at least once a day she usually ends up crying because Jack has felt the need to torture her in some way. The good thing is when he does something he usually says mommy i hit chloee or kicked her or whatever he did, he tells on himself. Well today was actually a really good day, he was sweet and nice and we had a blast. So this evening when daddy got home he started getting a little rowdy and well just being Jack. I had Chloee on the floor next to Wade (who was on the phone) and went to make her a bottle. All the sudden i hear her screaming and Wade saying dang it Jack. I go and get Chloee from Wade and she is like sucking in air, it turns out jack kicked her in the stomach and knocked the air out of her. Poor girl!!! So anyways about an hour passes and everything is back to normal and Jack tells me he wants to watch the scooby doo movie on tv. I said okay, but you have to be nice to sister you knocked the air out of her and she couldn't breathe. Jack proceeds to put his head close to Chloee and blows air at her, then he says "all better her has air". I burst out laughing and told him good job. Gotta love him.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweetness and Butter

Jack is definitely filling the roll as the big brother pretty well! He can be so sweet sometimes, like the about picture where he has crawled under her playmat with her to take a picture. And today i was fixing her bottle and getting jack some juice, and chloee was laying in her bouncer screaming. Jack was eating dinner and he heard me say just a second chloee, he proceeded to get down from his chair and suddenly i didn't hear her crying anymore. There he was being so sweet, Jack had gone over to chloee and put his finger by her mouth so she could suck on it to calm her down. It was so sweet and so funny and boy was he so proud, he kept saying mommy i give chloee my pinger (he cant pronounce f's) and make her happy. I love that kid.

Jack is also trying to master the art of taking a picture on my phone of him and his sister, too bad he didn't realize it was turned around. Im sure he is going to teach her many more things.

And last but not least the BUTTER!!!! I was making pancakes the other morning and Wade had put the butter on the table with him and Jack because jack wanted to put it on his pancakes himself. So after a few minutes WAde has finished his pancakes and got up to go in the other room, i was finishing up cooking the pancake batter and i hear Jack some mmm thats good. I look over at the table and realize he has the butter knife in the butter and is scouping it out and eating plain, just going to town. I burst out laughing and then i thought wow that's gross. WE couldnt pass up that picture moment. Gotta love kids, they keep you on your toes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2 Kids

So having two kids is not as bad as i thought it was going to be. Taking care of them is pretty easy its finding the time to clean the house and do other things that seems to be the problem :). I guess i will figure that out as time goes on. It has been fun though we have had family here and enjoying our new little girl has been fun. Jack is such a sweet big brother most of the time, but he has his moments where he tries to ya know step on her head, scratch her etc. He does really well if it is just me him and chloee, poor guy he is so use to being the only one. Jack and i usually play outside or do something fun when chloees taking her nap and he seems to like that. Both my kiddos are such a blessing, i love them so much. Wade is definitely doing great with both kids, he even stayed home yesturday and jack and him got to have some father son time, it was nice. I think the biggest difference is that i am never not busy now it seems like once i get everything done and us finally dressed its time to go to bed and start the day over again, time goes by superfast with two.. but i wouldnt change it for the world.