Friday, June 13, 2008


Okay so I could not get a good picture of Jack in his new underwear! We are officially potty training, so far it is better than i thought it would by a long shot. So we started yesturday evening about 5, the day before Jack and I went to the store and bought his underwear and he was so excited cause the have cars and the other ones have baseballs etc. So he finally went pee in the toilet about 5 yesturday and we put his underwear on him after that. And lo and behold he went pee in the toilet up until he went to bed then we put his diaper on him. This morning he woke up we put his underwear on him and he has gone pee in the toilet all day long no accidents knock on wood, we only used one pull up thats amazing for Jack. Let me back up first we took his favorite sippy away because he used to drink no joke about 35 sippies a day we were going through diapers every hour and a half after he got over the initial shock of the sippy he has done great. The only issue we have had so far today is the wonderful poop issue which was not even that bad. I knew he had to go this afternoon so i kept trying to explain he has to sit down for poop not stand like when you pee. Well he was in the bathroom for a bout 1 min by hisself and he came out we put his underwear on and i kept smelling poop. His underwear were clean, so i go in the bathroom and there was a little log on the floor hahah. Luckily it was in the bathroom and he had just left it there. so we had to have a big talk about sitting down to pee. haha honestly though i hope he keeps this up hes doing great and we are so proud of him, we have an m&m potty jar and sticker chart and it has down wonders he loves it and he gets so excited every time he goes. With any luck he will be potty trainied before our little girl is born in september and we wont have to buy diaper for two...whoo hooo wish us luck.


Ashley said...

I am SO jealous. Bailey used to at least sit on the toilet... now when I ask her if she wants to go I get a very annoyed "NO":) What the heck?

Devey Crew said...

Jack can come vacumn Nona's floor. He will pick up the potty stuff he is a smart boy.