Friday, June 27, 2008

and the CIRCUS!!!

So we went the to the circus wednesday night, we had free tickets in a box suite. Honestly it wasn't as fun as it used to be, more singing and dancing then animal tricks and stuff. However JAck had a great time. The only part he didnt care for were the tigers he said it scare me it scare me. Personally the tigers were dull all the did was roll over and that was it. But Jack loved the elephants and when the people would spin around up in the air the trapeze stuff. In fact when it was over he kept crying for the lions and didn't want to leave. It was definitely nice to get out for a night and have some family time. Even though the circus was not that great it was great to be together as a family.


Jen Devey said...

Thanks. My mom thinks the same thing, I guess she didnt show with me untill she was about 7 months because I was like up in her ribs, they i just dropped. haha.
Whatever you want to get rid of I'll be glad to take off your hands!
Thanks again!

Bottoms Family said...

Where in the heck did Princess Consuela Banana Hammick come from???? Ok so the air in the Sentra went out about 15 miles from home!!!! I am thankful it was not earlier. Thanks for everything.

Jen Devey said...

sure we can stop by on our way back. We will call when we are close.
yeah so far my stomach is in my ribs and my wee little one is way low. Its annoying because if i eat to much it like sits in my chest until it can make its way down. haha

Anonymous said...

We thought the circus was pretty lame, too!