Monday, June 30, 2008

My Birthday Weekend!

Well Yesterday was my 26th birthday!!! And it was great! We didn't do much this weekend but it was nice. I got a yummy dinner from Babbo Italian Eatery, which is great food..yummy..i got my nails and toes done which is even better and Wade surprised me with a cake a yummy cake and brownie ice cream. Then we just spent the day hanging out as a family it was so nice sunday because Jack of course cried all two hours of nursery but he was so tired he fell asleep on the way home and slept for 3 hours so me and wade got to hang out!!!I gotta say it was one of my favorite birthdays. Oh yeah Billy and Jen got me a Friends card with Phoebe and Rachel on it and when you open it up it quotes a line from friends, i might keep it up all year round. love it.


Jeff and Ang said...

Hope you had a great Birthday! I'm dreading 26 for some reason, makes me feel old and like my life should be all in order!!! Oh well, sounds like it was a great day and I'm jealous of your card!!! I think I might buy one and keep it around for when I need a laugh!!

alison said...

Happy late b-day, I am such a bad sis in law, I have been so caught up in our life lately that I have missed everyones b-days. I love you though. You are awsome. I miss you guys already, not like we hung out much before, but just knowing I could see you anytime was so nice. Hope things are going well and all.