Thursday, May 15, 2008

San Diego Seaworld and the Beach

This was a truly wonderful vacation. Wade and I took Jack to San Deigo and Seaworld for his 2nd birthday. My mom and dad, sister melissa and her boyfriend Sam came too!! It was so so much fun. Jack was an angel, we didn't have any terrible two fits at all, which is quite unusual for him. It couldn't have been a better time. Seaworld was a blast, Jack loved everything about it, even Wade had a good time and he is not a fan of theme parks. We went to all the shows, shamu, the sea lion show was so funny, the Sesame Street 4D show, and the dolphin show. Jack was very into everything there so intrigued by the animals. When him and Wade were touching the starfish of course my son takes one and chucks it across the pond, oooops at least it landed back in the water. :) We were there all day saturday, then sunday we went to the beach. The Beach was awesome, i have so many more pictures but i dont want to overload here. Jack loved the water we would wait for the waves and jump in it and he didn't want to leave, he scared to get in the sprinklers at home, but he will jump in the ocean explain that one. We took him away kicking and screaming and came home with a car full of sand. it was so fun, we even got to experience my Dad driving and losing his patience we all just laughed it was so much fun reminded me of when were younger, im so glad my parents got to come too it was great memories.


alison said...

Oh how fun! I love that you experienced your dad's frustrated driving again, I will never forget those times, I loved that he chucked the starfish too, I remember SKyler doing that too. The beach looked cold, maybe cause you were coccooned in a beach towel or something, glad you all had fun!!!!!!!! I want to go to Sandiego now!