Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Jack

I know im posting a second blog today but we have had a lot happen this month. Jack turned 2 on May 12th, my little baby is 2! Wow how time flys, he's growing up and talking and just being his own little person, makes me sad a little bit, but I couldn't ask for a better Son! Excuse me if i ramble on or say miscellaneous things, i use this blog as my journal because well i don't write in one. His birthday was so fun, his big present was seaworld and since we are having a baby in September it will probably be another 2 years before we do a vacation like that again. We had a little party for him and it was so fun, he got playdough from Ashley and Bailey, he loves the playdough and the cars too, he is obessed with cars. He also got a firetruck from SArah and DAvin that he absolutely loves cause it makes siren noises. Grandma Geri got him a Vaccum cleaner because he is crazy over ours and he is in heaven, i think it made his year. Grandma Devey gave him 20 dollars which he picked out 2 sets of Pajamas with, now he actually has ones that fits, they have dogs and trucks on them of course. Wade and I bought him a mini trampoline, that he has been crazy over, he constantly jumps and wants you to jump with him only his says mommy bum bum, i guess thats jump so i get my work out with him. He is talking so much he even completes sentences! Today we went and got his 2nd year check up and he had to get one shot. When he gets scared now he covers his head with his blanket, so when the doctor came in she started talking to him and he covered his head it was so funny. He didn't like that shot and of course he was fine by the time we got to the car but when i sat him down he goes mommy owie and was grabbing his left leg, the funny part was his shot was on the right leg, so i said jack its over here and showed him the bandaid so then he grabbed his right leg! He is pretty funny. We are finally getting him to go to bed in his own bed, its been so nice because we put him to bed at 830 after wade gets home and now me and wade finally have time alone again to be husband and wife even if its only for an hour before we go to bed... its wonderful. anyway i think im done for now. peace out.


alison said...

Oh happy late b-day buddy. He is so cute and is such a crack up. I still have his mega blocks in my closet to give him, we should get together next week on Tue ro Wed. I have a week off before summer school starts, I know Jeanie is off on Tues-Thurs. Glad he is sleeping in his own bed now, that is always nice!