Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hot tubs and Playdough!!!

So lately Jack has been a little water worm when it comes to pools, our hot tub, the ocean, However he does not care for sprinklers very much go figure! We of course turn the heat way down so we do not burn our son, but he loves it. He uses the filters to jump to Wade its very cute. When the jets are on he copies the fish from finding Nemo and says "bubbles bubbles bubbles, my bubbles." It's funny because we watch that movie and Dalmations daily, i can quote them and im sick of them!

So Jack got playdough for his birthday from Ashley and Bailey and family and he loves it. Thanks! Actually it's fun and it keeps him busy for a while, I won't lie I even played with it with him for a while, hence the star on his head. I think they make playdough better now because i remember as a kid it would get everywhere and stick to everything and this stuff does not at all they must of improved it its great. And last but not least Wade was trying to get Jack to dance to a song, he would dance and sing until we took a picture, so we just have Wade Dancing.


alison said...

Oh my gosh he is getting so big, I still can't believe that he can talk and all that fun stuff! I like to play with my kids play doh and too I also really like to color with them too, it's just mindless fun!