Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Beach! Oh so FUN!

So we of course had to go to the beach why were in San Diego!  We chose Mission Beach, it was so close and so so much fun!  We spent a couple hours there the first day in San Diego and a couple hours there on Sunday before we came home!  The kids played and played!  Chloee loved running from the waves and getting wet! She was running from a wave at one point and fell in the hole where they had been digging haha! Jack loved playing in the sand but was super skiddish to go near the water since he watched Shark Week, so he hung out with me in the sand! We even saw Dolphins swimming fairly close! Billy and Wade helped the kids build sand castles and catch the little sand crabs! Grandma ran in and out of the water with us too!  We loved having them with us!  Jack found a batman figure in the sand why me and him were digging and made his day!  Wade and Billy were soaked!  Chloee had sand everywhere i mean everywhere and so did we all!  Totally worth it, I would do it 10 times over!  Love my family!