Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just a Quick One.

Just a quick post today. We went for my 16 week check up yesterday and they drew blood, ugh i dread those times, but this was the first time after they drew blood that when i got up i didn't go pail and almost pass out.. GO ME!!! Everything actually went really well, the baby's heartbeat is 162 so Wade was like oh crap it fast it's a girl...haha. We will find out what we are really having on Wednesday April 30th at 8am. I am excited so i can start buying stuff:) Jack is so funny because we keep telling him the baby is in mommy's belly and when you say Jack where is the baby he comes up and points to my boob, im like close. haha! I gained a 5 and a half pounds this time and i officially fit in to nothing now..its awesome jk...WAde finally took me to buy some shorts until i can fit into my maternity close. I feel pretty good all and all a little aches and pains but no sickness so im very blessed.


Ashley said...

woohoo! I am excited for you guys to find out what you are having. The fun begins... you get to start buying stuff:)

alison said...

Ok I just read this post and answered the questions I just asked you, so the 30th, that is so freakin exciting! I can't wait, I know you are hoping for a girl, what is Wade hoping for? Ok have a good one, glad you are feeling good, you seem to have really nice preganancies!