Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am doing this because Ashley Tagged me! :)

5 things on my list to do today

1. Finish my mass paperwork for church, its massive.
2. laundry wash and fold
3. Clean bathrooms
4. Do something fun with Jack before he destroys every inch of the house.
5. Finish some work for wade.

5 snacks I enjoy (this is tuff cause i love lots of snacks)
1. Cinnamon bears actually most chewy candies - sugar all together
2. Brownies yummy
3. Energy Drinks which i can't have right now so a coke i guess.
4. Pretzels - the rold gold thins are my favorite
5. beef jerky oh i love it.

5 things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire

1.I'm going with Pay off Debt, mortage, medical bills bluh.
2. I would travel too, everywhere or live on the beach.
3. Build a ONE STORY HOUSE!!!!! hench the caps on ONE STORY.
4. Give some to my parents, they deserve it so bad right now.
5. And of course id have to go on a wonderful huge shopping spree.

5 places I've lived

1. Yuma, AZ
2. Daytona Beach, FL
3. Mesa, AZ
4. El Mirage, AZ
5. Surprise, AZ

5 Jobs I've Had:

1. Mostly Muffins
2. Cashier/accounting at Alexander Ford
3. Accounts recievable/payable and alittle bit of estimating at Excalibur Paint and Body
4. Executive Assistant/Accounting at A&A Manufacturing
5. Mommy

5 things people don't know about me

1. I hate speaking in front of people like at church and stuff or even meeting new people there, it terrifies me i feel like im going to be sick and pass out.
2. I love Tv shows that are no longer on the air, Friends i can quote every line from every episode i have all the season, obviously i didnt have kids then. I love will and grace and king of queens too.
3. I am not a romantic, I like a nice romantic thing like evey now and then but im not in to all that mushy stuff, neither is my husband lucky, wed both rather laugh and joke around.
4. I hate being cold hate it hate it hate it. I know the summers get hot but id rather them be this way then cold, especially if wind is blowing i hate wind. i love being warm. call me crazy.
5. I love to watch tru tv with all the forensic and murder shows any scary movies too, but i get scared at the drop of a hat and it freaks me out but for some odd reason i love it.


alison said...

I wish I could give your parents a bunch of money right now too. They deserve it more than anyone I know, well them and my parents do. Ok and I am so excited to hear what you are having!!!!

Ashley said...

Yes... I am slowly but surely coming aboard the Nascar train.
So, I looked up some funs things to do with the kids. Go to these websites and see which one sounds the best to you, and we will plan a day to go. I think any of them they would have lots of fun!

By the way... you find out what you are having this week, don't you??