Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our New Dog

We got a new dog yesterday. He is a wonderful dog, we named him Rusty. He is a year old so hes fully grown but still has a little puppy in him. He has all his shots and he is neutered whoohoo. He listens very well and is house trained and very playful. The perfect family dog. Him and Jack go hand in paw. Jack lays all over him and can run around with him and copies the dog licking the chair haha. Rusty loves Jack and is very good with him. We are all excited to have a fun family dog.


alison said...

congrats, I didn't know you guys were getting a new dog, he's gorgeous and looks so sweet. Have fun, is he house trained?

alison said...

We are doing pretty good, Jeremy is still having a rough time, but his dr. appoint. is tomorrow, hopefully he can get some type of medication to help with his nervousness and anxiety. Other than that I am just listening to my kids having a parade in the living room, they are being nuts. How are things with you guys?

Big Dave & Lil' Nik said...

Hey Brig....What a cute little family you have...I also wanted to say congratulations on the new baby...September will be here before you know it:) My myspace days are coming to an feel free to visit our blog, too.