Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ironman has taken over.

Ironman has quickly become Jacks favorite Superhero putting Spiderman and Batman on the backburner. And well Chloee thinks anything Jack likes is cool! So we have been watching the movies because Jack likes the real movies not the cartoons. So we got the arc reactor the otherday after Jacks doctor appointment. It has been warn to the store the park and to bed. I think he really might be ironman. whoohoo. After Christmas Im sure he will have the full transformation lol. This morning he was nice enough to let Chloee be ironman for a whole 30 Seconds. I mean not too many people can say they've had Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman living in their home. These kiddos sure are fun.
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Chloee's 2nd Birthday

So I know this is about two months over due. But here is my late Happy Birthday to our little Princess. I cant' believe my little pocket person is 2. Time flies!!! She got a ballerina suit with real ballet shoes and an Angleina Ballerina movie needless to say she loved it. She also got a Playhouse that has become a favorite slumber party area for us. Chloee you are awesome however I think you were turning 16 not two. She picks out her own clothes and will not wear anything unless its her decision. She talks like a six your old and has the redheaded personality. We love this girl and love and Spice she adds to our life.
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