Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas a little late!

Okay So I have not been on here or blog in a while, it has been a little crazy. Christmas was so much fun but oh boy was it a lot of work this year. So Christmas eve day Jack woke up from his nap with a 104 degree fever. Christmas morning he was still sick, however he managed to have a good morning and force a few smiles...haha they were funny. Then we drove down to Yuma to be with my family, that was a lot of fun and boy i sure do miss my moms cooking...yummy. Poor Jack kept getting worse he hadnt eaten and the boy was just sick, so saturday in Yuma we took him to urgent care....Go figure the poor kid would have a sinus infection and bronchitis. We were given for medications for him. Then Sunday we got up and headed up to California to be with wades family for a few days in Disneyland...we left chloee at my mommas house and she was spoiled but i sure did miss her. So Sunday night we got up to the hotel and of course poor jack was still sick as a dog. Monday morning we went ahead and got up and went to disney land with him. There were more people there than i had ever seen. Jack still felt bad but he had fun going on some rides and being at disneyland. The only problem was he only wanted Wade to carry him the whole time..poor wade he was a trooper. Tuesday the antibiotics kicked in a little and he got down some when were there had a better smile but still only wanted we did all the kid stuff, we skipped the big rides this time and it was so fun, Jack had a goodtime all things considering. WE went on dumbo, let jack drive the cars, went on the submarine ride, which is now and nemo ride and it was so cute. We rode the steam train and Jack i think loved the bugs life thing the most. WE went down to toon town and let jack play around, he wanted to meet mickey but while were in line he told everyone to get out of his way, so we left that area. The parades were really cute and Jack saw lighting mcqueen and buzz and the funniest thing about it is you could tell Jack thought it was really them and was so excited.. THen he got his disneyland semi truck and he was good to go so we went on the tower of terror our big ride for the trip and it was awesome. Then wednesday when we woke up to go to yuma Jack was running and playing and well Jack Was BAck. So since he was feeling better we stopped at the outlet mall. I was so glad to get back to my little girl and spend new years with my family. It was a good trip but boy it was nice to get home too. I love spending time with family it was so much fun and Wade hadn't had that much time off since our honeymoon..haha so it was really nice.