Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost Back to Normal

My hands are pretty much back to normal i will just have some pain for the next couple months and i should be good to go whohooo. Christmas was fun this year with Jack. He attacked his presents, and I bought way too much because the toy room is overflowing. Awesome. But it was worth it, he was so cute and excited. We went to Utah for a couple days where it was snowing like crazy..little too cold.. I like the heat. I have been super busy lately, and Jack is not sleeping again...ahhh lucky me and we want to have another...what's wrong with me haha. He's my little energizer bunny. He is talking quite a bit now, he is getting to big. Although I can't complain he loves to mop with the swiffer and throw the trash away. He copies everything we say, i said what the crap the other day and so did he, we gotta watch our mouths. oops. No is his favorite word. of course. Wade is doing the biggest loser with some people at work and hes already lost like 8 pounds in a week, why do men lose weight so quick. :) well i gotta put jack down for a nap so i can clean ahhh my life.


alison said...

Oh he is so dang cute, I can't wait till you have another one! It will be lots of work, but so fun to see Jack as a big brother! Glad you had a good Christmas!